Using Presciption Sunglasses

PhotobucketI love wearing sunglasses whether what kind of occasion it would be. I used to match it with my clothes too and I feel like I look more decent every time I am wearing one haha. Though most of them are not prescription sunglasses which somehow unhealthy for my eye. I’m not paying too much attention to it at first not until I experienced some sort of dizziness after wearing a newly buy shades. Well, it seems to be normal at first then after wearing it for like 30 mins, i started to feel unusual and my head started to ache. The dizziness is so unbearable that time and I had to rest my eye for awhile. Since then I never dare to use a non-prescription glass or i do, i will not have it for a long term use. How about you guys? Are you using a prescribed one or not? Any experiences to share?

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