Ventless and Eco-Friendly Fireplace

I rarely see a house with a fire place here in my place and I don’t think it’s quite appropriate to have one especially if you’re in a tropical country. Funny but it is actually my ideal type of house, the one with a fireplace , sitting in front of the living room, and the one that you used to decorate every holiday. I might be acting quite ambitious but that’s how I imagine my house would look like in the future.

Interestingly, fireplace today are highly innovative. Unlike those old fashion bulky fireplaces that requires major construction, it is pretty impressive that manufacturers came up with ventless fireplace and electronic fireplace insert.  The image shown (left) was taken from a well known Ventless fireplace provider online.  Isn’t very realistic? I think the main advantage of these ventless fireplaces aside from being very stylish and modern, is that they are eco-friendly furniture because there’s no need for you to burn woods and no harmful carbon monoxide will be produced.  Well, I just find it very impressive that’s all and I wish we could install one in our house even just for decoration purposes LOL.

5 thoughts on “Ventless and Eco-Friendly Fireplace”

  1. [SK] says:

    surely a fireplaces is never practical for houses in tropical countries like ours, haha!! 😀

  2. [SK] says:

    but maybe just for decoration, we may have one in the house.. but i really rarely see one even used as decoration.. unless you have those victorian style design, then this fireplace might fit into it.. 🙂

  3. [SK] says:

    anyway, it does look very real though it's ventless.. with the make-up lighting that looks really like real fire.. but i wonder under such hot weather, perhaps even seeing the "fire" will make us feel warmer already, haha!! 😀

  4. [SK] says:

    definitely this would be a lot more eco-friendly, and i guess there are heaters nowadays come in this kind of design also too??

  5. [SK] says:

    have a great day and happy blogging milton.. 🙂

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