Venturing to Yoga

I am gaining weight day after day and I have no one to blame here other than myself. I am focusing too much on my work and I’m forgetting to do my daily exercise. I used to hit the gym frequently but right after I started working, i began to focus more on other things. Since I do not have much time to visit the gym in a regular basis, I came up with an idea to buy my own portable equipments including the stationary bike and some dumbbells to work out my fat body.

I tried to search the net for some effective solution to get rid of my fats without consuming much of my time. I was advised to buy a resistant band because it is truly versatile and it can focus on various body parts including the arms, the chest and even the legs. Another exercise that took my attention is the Yoga. It is a different form of exercise indeed because it is not about lifting or experiencing any pain. It’s all about meditation and proper breathing. I saw a video tape before and my friend told me that she used to do it as a routine after waking up in the morning.

Apart from being an effective exercise, Yoga is very ideal for a frugal guy like me too because you do not have to spend much on the equipments. Purchasing the best yoga bolster for example will not cost you that much compare to other gym equipments. Same thing goes with other Yoga equipments including the mats, pillows and of course the DVD tutorial videos. I’m so excited to try this out. Wish me luck!

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