Visiting my Old School

PhotobucketI went to my school last weekend, hoping to get my Transcript of Records from our School registrar. I need my TOR because it is one of the major documents that my company is requiring me to submit. I failed to have it last year so I was crossing my fingers out to see if I can request for it now. Unfortunately, the registrar is currently on leave and I received no advise yet on when is she going back to work. Upon visiting my former school, i found out that the Multipurpose Hall (where events like General assemblies , Prom, and Coronations are being held) is currently under construction which is good because the establishment itself is quite old and has been there for like more than 4 decades now so I think it truly deserves a make-over. I’m not sure if they’re planning to change it completely or they will just make some renovation and small adjustments to it. I think it would be great if they will make the building much stronger in a point that it can withstand any bad weather conditions like those metal buildings that are commonly used for commercial and storage facilities. But of course, choosing the right materials may not be enough and they also have to consider highly-skilled professionals to work on it for a better and long-lasting results. Even though the renovation expenses will be shouldered by some alumnus, i don’t think it’s a valid reason to get a cheap yet a not-so satisfying service. The building will be used for the next generations of students so as an alumni myself, i think they do deserve the best as well.

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