Visiting The Pink Sisters Convent In Tagaytay

We could have visited more churches that day but the clouds are getting dark and it started to rain. On top of that, my cousin had to pick up my nephew in Manila so we really have no time to explore. However, we ended our pilgrimage by visiting the Pink Sister Convent. 1111 The rain is starting to pour so I failed to capture the church’s facade and I didn’t know that camera is not allowed inside the church either but I managed to take some photos before my auntie showed me the big sign behind me disallowing the use cameras *wink*
IMG_20141027_135323e Pink Sisters or officially known as Adoration Convent of Divine Mercy is a chapel of a cloistered order of nuns wearing pink habits, thus they were called the pink sisters. It is very quiet place which gives you a perfect time to pray solemnly. IMG_20141027_135809 Outside the chapel is a very engaging landscape and my cousin said that there is another chapel near the convent but since it is raining and we really have to go, we didn’t get a chance to explore more.
GEDC0186 Even though it is raining, I can’t help myself but to insist to stop the car and take a picture of Taal but I never got a nice shot because of the clouds. I still enjoy the scene though. zz Of course, you should not leave Tagaytay without buying some goodies. We stopped by at Amira’s Buko Tart Haus and bought some tarts and pies.

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