Washing Day

Today is my washing day. Yup! Believe it or not, i do wash my own clothes and uniforms because if i will not, then i end up wearing the same used clothes everyday and that’s pretty disgusting.  Supposed to be, this is my rest day but literally, I am not resting at all because i have to wash my clothes. Unfortunately, the faucet in our kitchen is not working so i have to fetch water outside.  The faucet is completely not functional and it’s been like that for months now. I don’t know what exactly happened but i know that it is something to deal with the plumbing system in our house. We should have hired a professional Plumber on the first place. Right now, i’m asking for some recommendations from our relatives. Choosing for a right Plumber should be taken seriously and as much as possible you should aim for a long term relationship with them. Keep in mind that these plumbing problems will occur over and over again so chances are, you have to call for another plumbing service to repair it so it is much better if you have someone that you can consider as your family Plumber.

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