Washing Day!

Today is my washing day and i have so many clothes to wash. I really hate doing house chores but i just don’t have any choice but to deal with them everyday. Well, i cannot afford those daily or weekly house cleaning services and even the weekly laundry service so i really have no choice but to do it myself. Well, in fairness to me, i know almost all the house chores and that was my mom who taught me how to become responsible in doing such duties. I remember my mom used to give us schedules and assigned us different task everyday. It’s like our daily routine and whoever failed to fulfill his duties, will receive no desserts or candies from mom. Living independently is like taking all the responsibilities alone. Doing house chores is a bit tiring yet i’m happy because i am learning from it.

But of course guys, i’m just a man and i do have limitations. Doing this regular routine is kinda boring and sometimes it makes you wanna give up. Well, i know i should treat them as a big challenge that i have to surpass to make me much stronger. Okay! Enough the Drama! I have so many work loads to do. After washing the clothes, i have to clean the house. Well good thing, i do not have any carpet at home and good thing i chose this rustic furniture over  the furry sofa because if i have those items, my life will definitely be a nightmare! HaHa. That’s all for now guys, better check my clothes now. Chow!

One thought on “Washing Day!

  • January 19, 2011 at 10:09 pm

    My mom used to do that as well. But now that I work, I don't do any household chore anymore.


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