Wednesday is an Eco Friendly Day!

My mom went home so irate last Wednesday. She went to a shopping mall yesterday only to find out that the mall is not packing up their things in a plastic bag, and make use of the paper bags instead. Well, the saleslady is giving my mom options either she will bring her things using the plastic bags who are damage easily or she will have to buy what so-called “Eco Bag”. A bag made out of fabric. It costs P35, and it is way to high compare to the price of the normal plastic bags. My mom is not aware the the government is string to implement the new law that every Wednesday is an Eco Friendly day where all malls will not supply plastic bags and encourage consumers to make use of eco-friendly bags. The customer also has a choice either to buy the plastic bags, meaning tosay, it will be topped on their bills, or the customer bring her own basket or fabricated bags. Anyway, it is nice to see that government is making actions about conserving our nature and environmental resources. Cheers!

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