What A Great Relief!

It was such a great relief to received my second salary from the company that I am currently working with. We are very lucky and grateful to receive our 13th month pay and a Christmas Bonus despite of the fact that we were just working here for just a month but then again, as what the law states, we are entitled to receive such benefits so that is really an advantage for “new hires” like us. Anyway, time is running so fast and it seems that it was just yesterday when I first stepped on this company and now we are working on the production floor and dealing with our client’s concerns. It is quite stressing indeed but I know that it is really a part of any job and I don’t think it is right for me to be very choosy and demanding with my job knowing the fact that it is so damn hard to get a new work. I should be grateful enough to have this job rather than being a hopeless unemployed guy at home. I try to motivate myself to keep me going. I should learn how to love my job  and put my full dedication to it if necessary.

Oh well speaking of that “motivation” thing, there is one thing that really  keeps me motivated recently. I am planning to treat myself by buying a new phone. I can hardly find time to blog lately because of my new working schedule and I was quite disappointed because I can’t update my blogs as often as I could before. A colleague of mine, who happens to be a blogger as well, advised me to get a mobile phone that is capable of mobile blogging so that i can update my websites wherever i go. And now, i am eager to have at least one of those high-end samsung cell phones whether it’s the samsung Galaxy mini or the samsung galaxy tablet. I want to stay in my company for good but I don’t want to sacrifice my blogs so it is really advisable for me to get a high-end phone since we are not allowed to bring laptops inside the company premises. Yay! I’m so excited to get one!

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