What Else?

I’ve been trying a lot of methods in order to lose weight but it seems no one among them is working very effectively to me. I frequently go to gym, as if almost everyday after work, i make sure that i exercise even just an hour. I also tried minimizing my food. I took Rice out from my diet and eat only bread during lunch and dinner. I sometimes try to skip meals but no effect at all. I also tried what so called “After 6 Diet” where i’ll not eat anything even a single snack after 6 o’clock. I also tried “Banana Diet” and Water Diet but in the end, there is no improvement.  I sometimes feel very frustrated because no matter how hard i try in losing weight, i see no changes. Recently, i noticed that a lot of people are buzzing about a dietary supplement called “nuphedragen”. It is a diet pill that is said to be very effective and will help you to cut off your calorie much faster. I haven’t tried taking diet pills and i think it’s about time.

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