What is Rosacea?

Have you ever heard of a chronic condition called Rosacea? The term might sounds new but it is actually simply defined as facial redness which may includes conditions like pimples and other related conditions. I have a white complexion so if ever i got this condition, it will be very obvious to me. It might be a harmless condition but being caught with having Rosacea is such a big turn off for everyone who sees it. It is said that Rosacea can be treated by medications  to reduse any possible inflammation. There’s also what so called Banish Rosacea which is said to be very effective to cure such condition. Mild cases of Rosacea are often not treated because you can just use normal cosmetic products to cover it up, making it less visible but of course, to prevent it from getting worst, you better seek for immediate medication as early as possible.

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