What Makes A Perfect Protein Shake for Diabetics?

I was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 24 and it was totally a life changer. It took me a lot of time to accept the fact that I had to carry such life time disease. It feels like an error in my system that I can no longer correct. It was a huge mistake that I never paid attention to my health and abused my body because of my unhealthy eating habit. If I can only turn back time, I will definitely do my best to establish a healthy lifestyle but then, life has no replay button and acceptance is the only thing I can do.

My doctor however told me that despite being a lifetime illness, Diabetes is controllable and people who bear such disease can still have a normal life as long as they know how to discipline themselves. Regular exercise is the best key to regulate the blood sugar while establishing a balanced diet is a very crucial thing to consider. Diabetes taught me the right food to intake and foods that should be avoided. Obviously those foods with high glycemic index should not or should be taken moderately. Stress and depression will also trigger our disease and will put our sugar levels into whack.
A test kit is a must-have for people with Diabetes to monitor their sugar levels in a regular basis

As sad as it sounds, our lives are subject to various diseases. Some of them have a global nature and affect thousands of people. Diabetes is one of such widespread medical conditions exposing the fundamental processes of the body. There are two types of this disease (Type 1 and Type 2) and both disturb the regulation of blood sugar level. I will not deepen in the essence of the health condition but you should understand that a diabetic must be very cautious about his or her ration since any additional gram of sugar can cause the terrible consequences. When my sugar level is high, my body becomes too weak to function which basically affects my productivity especially at work.

Despite this inconvenience, the people suffering from the mentioned disease live the regular lives full of emotions and events. They experience the same troubles and may seek for the same goals as the other human beings who do not know the issues related to diabetes. It is a life time illness and it is not just about avoiding high glycemic foods as it also requires a long term support from family and friends. Let them feel that they are not going to fight this kind of disease alone.

The diabetes is not fatal but the complications are the one that will put you in danger. The cure may not be possible at this moment but I hope this article will help you prevent the risks of getting one. Overweight or worse, obesity is one of the common causes of diabetes so make sure to establish a balanced diet and refrain yourself from eating foods with high sugar content. Sweet desserts are undeniably tempting but for diabetics, it is something to be avoided at all cost.

Since being an overweight will only make the condition worst, diabetics will strive to get a lean body which could be achieved through regular exercise and with some help of diet supplement. The food restrictions cause a focused attention to the amount of each ingredient that may affect the health condition of a user.

Overweight is indeed the biggest enemy of diabetics. Nevertheless, some of the users do not want to make peace with an uncomfortable condition of an excessive weight and take steps to improve their body constitution. One of these steps is to opt for an aid represented by a protein shake. My gym trainer used to advise me to start taking protein shakes as it can expedite the process of losing weight. It is actually a great addition to your regular regimen but you still have to be cautious and aware of the ingredients your protein shake has.

This type of product is widely used for both increasing and cutting down body mass, with people even making use of things like these Gundry MD coupon codes to help them save some money on their protein powder purchases. Interestingly, some brands have considered the needs of people with diabetes and designed a dedicated shake for these users (Cheers!). As a rule, the specially designed products contain the ingredients that help in regulation of blood sugar. The other important requirement is a low content of sugar. The optimum condition is the full absence of this element that is rather hazardous for the health state of the mentioned category of users.

Perfect Diabetic Protein Drink

If you expect for some advice or recommendations of brands making the protein drinks for the users with blood sugar issues, I have to frustrate you. The selection of products in the market is your prerogative. Nevertheless, you will be provided with the required data to make a proper choice of a drink for the best performance.

According to the mean daily values of protein intake, women and men should consume around 46 and 56 grams respectively. A perfect shake can supply one-third of this value. The quality of protein also matters. If the clinical studies are to be trusted, whey protein is the best solution for the diabetics. In addition to the positive effect of this element for the muscles, it is known as a great hunger suppressant.

I have already mentioned that the dedicated products contain the peculiar ingredients. It is time to introduce them to you.

Dietary fiber is a regular component of most supplements. It is not only healthy for digestion but also controls the blood sugar level.

Resistant starch and cornstarch are the other aiding elements for sugar regulation.

The nutritional value of a perfect diabetic drink should not exceed 250 calories.

For those who do not trust the branded products or have doubts, it is always advisable to ask for recommendations to those who have tried the product and can attest its effectiveness or better yet read some credible reviews on weightlosstop.com. You might also consider getting in touch with a dietitian or a nutritionist to provide you some diet plan to follow. You might also come up with your own protein shake with mix of ingredients that you personally picked! Whatever your choice is, what really matters the most is your willingness to establish a healthy living which the only best thing a diabetic can do to fight the complications that this disease could bring!

4 thoughts on “What Makes A Perfect Protein Shake for Diabetics?

  • August 18, 2017 at 4:25 pm

    Sorry to hear about your diabetes. I heared it’s really tough to deal with esp at an early age. Thanks for sharing this. I’m sure lots of people will benefit from this. Have a wonderful weekend!

  • August 20, 2017 at 1:31 am

    Cool! Great recipe for diabetics. I believe that juicing will help a lot for patients, not only the diabetic ones but for all. Healthy eating should really start first with healthy lifestyle.

  • August 20, 2017 at 3:15 pm

    Sorry to hear that. My family has a history of diabetes also. I need to remind myself constantly to cut down on sweets and to watch my weight, too. My husband and tried to lose weight because he was diagnosed to be borderline diabetic.

  • August 20, 2017 at 3:46 pm

    Actually they say diabetics is a healthy disease. Because the moment it is detected the eating style comes under check and corrected. You have given some very good tips on the food to be consumed.


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