What Makes February 14 Extra Special To Me?

PhotobucketValentines Day is just few weeks away and I’m sure you guys are so excited for this very special and heart-filling celebration. This is a perfect time to celebrate love and affection between two lovers and if you’re planning to set a date on this very special day for your sweetheart, then you better start thinking of a nice and romantic ideas as early as this month to make that date extra special and memorable for her. Well, i know that i do not have the right to give such tips knowing that i am not really that romantic and I never had a great date in my entire life. Valentines day is somehow special to me because I had my first ever girlfriend on this very special day. I was actually in my first year college when i started to court her and i finally got her big “Yes” exactly on February 14. I remember i bought her a small teddy and flowers and oh not to mention the poem that i made. Okay… I know it sounds too cheesy for you but you can’t blame a person if he’s in love right? haha

Unfortunately, our relationship didn’t last that long and we didn’t have a formal break-up that time which is quite sad because i am not expecting that it would be that fast. Maybe I am just too immature for her or something like that. However, since that was my first relationship, i would never ever forget those moments we have shared together.

Going back to our topic, as i said, you better plan things ahead if you really want to make your date very special to her. Send Flowers or buy her some sweets chocolates. It may sounds so typical but if you are creative enough then it may have a different and engaging approach to her. Have your date be personalized and show a sweet side of you that she isn’t really aware of.  Surprise her in a way that she ‘s gonna remember everything that you will do from the beginning up to the end of your date. Anyway, you still have more time to prepare so if you’re also grabbing this opportunity to propose a marriage then I must say good luck and I wish you all the best!

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