World’s Suicide Prevention Day

When a people is under too much depression, we cannot take away the possibility for him to commit suicide. Suicide is an act that is very unacceptable to Christians like me. It is also an indication that this certain individuals who committed such act , lose their hope and faith to God. We have to remember that God is not throwing away stones that we cannot catch,meaning to say, God don’t give us challenges that we cannot surpass. In every challenges in life, God test our faith and how long we can hold for it. We should not stop praying despite of non stop trials we have in our life. These challenges will keep us strong physically, emotionally and spiritually. Today, we celebrate the World’s Suicide Prevention Day. this event aims to stop the very alarming increasing cases of people who commit suicide all over the world. It was said that there is one death (via suicide) every 40 seconds. We have to open their minds that life is something that we should treasured and lets try to motivate them to keep them strong despite of their problems. We may not be there to tell them directly, at least we can participate in such event by simply offering our prayers and by lighting a candle on World’s Suicide Prevention day at exactly 8 pm. May God bless their souls.

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