You Are What You Eat

What you eat today influences your health tomorrow. It will pay you to keep fit, to build muscle, increase blood circulation, and to keep veins and arteries active and healthy. If you insist on eating like a horse you may end up with about the same life span. Overweight people are unhealthy people. Proper diet helps to prolong life. Your energy and good looks are dependent upon the state of your physical health, which in turn reliant upon the kind of food you eat. By carefully selecting what you eat, you can gain energy,  renew your body and remain younger, longer.  You will feel better mentally and physically if you stay away from starches and sugars. Carbohydrates are high in calories and result in overweight, listlessness, and heart problems. Protein is your best friend. It prevents disease and heart problems  and nourishes you body and gives you  energy. If you are nervous and tense, chances are your body is craving  vitamins and minerals.

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  1. foongpc says:

    Good reminder Blue! We are indeed what we eat! : )

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