Dealing With Eye Bags

Eye bags have been a part of my life ever since I started to realized that I am an insomniac. Not to mention my unhealthy working habit and my regular graveyard shift. It really stress me out but i just can do nothing but to deal with it because I need my work and I have to finish my job on time even if it means that I am going to sleep as late as 10 am! I am a certified night owl indeed so do not be surprised when you see me wearing shades because I tend to hide those irritating eye bags. Over the years of having this kind of lifestyle, I was able to try different kind of remedies just to get rid of them. Some of them are tips shared to me by my friends while others are discovered from books and internet. Let me list them down to you and I hope you find them useful too.

Cucumber Slices – The use of cucumber slices as an eye bag remedy is among the most common natural treatments. I’m not really sure if it’s really helpful or if it does take any effect once you applied it on your bags. They said that the cooling effect makes the eye bags look smaller but it doesn’t really do anything to treat the eye bags. But since it’s not risky, it is still worth a try. Who knows there is truth behind those rumors about cucumber slices.

The Use of Tea Bags – The use of tea bags has been proven effective based on some articles i have read from some of those Health magazines . helps to alleviate the fluid retention and draining into the sensitive under-eye area, effectively helping the swelling and puffiness of the eye.

Drink A lot of Water – Drinking water is indeed a healthy routine but I’m not so sure if it can keep all your eye bags away. Nevertheless,whether it’s effective or not, drinking plenty of water is a necessity for everyone.

Get a Lot of Sleep – Probably the most effective natural way of treating eye bags is to get plenty of sleep. You get eye bags because of your unhealthy sleeping habit so the best way to kill them is by establishing a good sleeping habit.

Eye Creams – Nothing can be more effective than those skincare products that are made specifically for your eyebags. There are numerous creams for dark circles and you can even purchase them online. Just make sure that you will be dealing with a reputable pharmaceutical company to ensure your safety. Even though these creams are for external use, it doesn’t mean it will do no harm to you. You still have to choose the righ product carefully. Get recommendations from your friends or better yet, ask the experts to help you out in choosing the right cream.

I hope you find them helpful guys. if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment here and it will highly be appreciated.

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