42nd Intramuros Grand Marian Procession / IGMP 2023

The 42nd Intramuros Grand Marian Procession (IGMP) was celebrated successfully last December 3rd. This highly anticipated Marian event went on a two year hiatus during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. It finally went back last year but with some restrictions since the pandemic was still not over and social distancing must still be observed. (Check: 41st IGMP) As a result, only 30 plus Marian images managed to join the event, compared to pre-pandemic years where more than hundred images of Mary were gracing the streets of Intramuros. The participants are Canonically crowned images. These are Marian images that received papal bull of pontifical coronation granted by the pope and carried out by either his papal legate, the pontiff, or a papal nuncio.

This year, the organizers took the same approach. Only those canonically crowned Marian images or referred to as the “Coronadas” will participate this year’s procession. Currently (as of writing) there are 54 Canonically crowned Marian images in the country and more than 40 of these beautiful images joined the 42nd Intramuros Grand Marian Procession and 7 images joined the prestigious event for the first time. This include newly crowned images like the Nuestra Senora de los Desamparados de Muntinlupa (Our Lady of the Abandoned of Muntinlupa) and the Our Lady of Turumba of Pakil, Laguna.

Intramuros Grand Marian Procession is one of the biggest Marian events in the country where hundreds of prominent Marian images from different parts of the country are being gathered for a religious parade. This tradition is done in honor of the feast of the Immaculate Concepcion (which is every 8th of December – which is now officially declared as a national Holiday). The annual procession has become a tradition and is part of Intramuros’ rich history since 1619 but the tradition was once again resurrected in the late 70s and early 80s where the term Grand Marian Procession was coined.

In this celebration, some of the prominent Marian images will grace the street of Intramuros along with marching bands, folk dancers and of course the hundreds of devotees who traveled all the way from their respective towns just to join the procession. Without any further ado, here are some of the images from the recently concluded 42nd Intramuros Grand Marian Procession. (Listed in order)
_DSC0111ttSan Andres de Manila. The procession starts with the image of Saint Andrew the Apostle, the Patron Saint of Manila.
_DSC0123tSan Jose de Manila
_DSC0132ttSanta Ana de Hagonoy of Bulacan. The third non-Marian image to join the event is the image of Saint Anne, Mary’s mother. The image of Santa Ana of Hagonoy depicts Saint Anne teaching the young Mary the scriptures. She was currently enshrined on the National Shrine of Saint Anne in Hagonoy, Bulacan
Nuestra Señora de los Dolores de Turumba. Our Lady of Turumba of Pakil, Laguna is probably one of the most prominent Marian images in the country. The image receives the decree of Canonical coronation last May of 2021 while the coronation rites took place last September 2023. ( Check: Diocesan Shrine of Our Lady of Turumba)
_DSC0138ttNuestra Señora de los Desamparados de Muntinlupa. Joining the IGMP for the first time is the Our Lady of Abandoned of Muntinlupa which was canonically crowned last May 2023
_DSC0160tttNuestra Señora de la Merced de Tarlac. Canonically crowned on February 2023.
_DSC0158tThe image was accompanied by the Saint Sebastian, the patron of Tarlac
_DSC0082tLa Inmaculada Concepcion de Batangan. Also joining the procession for the first time is the La Inmaculada Concepcion of Batangan, Batangas. The image was canonically crowed last December 2022.
_DSC0152ttThe Lady was also accompanied by the image of Santo Nino de Batangan
_DSC0079tNuestra Señora del Santo Rosario de Cardona / La Virgen de Sapao. Also joining the event for the first time is the La Virgen de Sapao of Rizal. The image was canonically crowned on October 2022
_DSC0372ttThe andas of La Virgen de Sapao carried by mostly female devotees.
_DSC0347tNuestra Señora de la Asuncion de Maasin. Another first timer is the image of Nuestra Señora de la Asuncion de Maasin of Southern Leyte. The image was canonically crowned on August 2022.
_DSC0071tMaria Auxilladora/ Mary Help of Christians of Parañaque City. The image was recently crowned on May 2022.
_DSC0070ttNuestra Señora del Patrocinio de Maria, Boljoon, Cebu. The image was recently crowned on April 2022.
_DSC0049tNuestra Señora de la Merced of Novaliches. Canonical Coronation: September 24, 2021
_DSC0320ttMater Dolorosa of Capas, Tarlac. Canonical Coronation: June 5, 2021.
_DSC0062ttNuestra Señora de los Dolores of Quezon. Canonical Coronation: March 2021
_DSC0057tNuestra Señora de Lourdes de Retiro / Our Lady of Lourdes of Quezon City. Canonically Crowned on August 2020.
_DSC0053tOur Lady of Mount Carmel of New Manila. Canonical Coronation: August 15, 2020
1702985670329-01Virgen de la Rosa de Makati. Canonical Coronation: March 16, 2019.
_DSC0217tNuestra Señora de la Lumen de Cainta/ Our Lady of Light of Cainta, Rizal. Canonical Coronation: December 2018.
_DSC0223tThe image of Lumen was accompanied by Saint Andrew the Apostle, the first patron of Cainta
_DSC0040ttNuestra Señora de la Soledad de Porta Vaga of Cavite City. Canonically crowned on November 2018. (Check: Canonical Coronation of Our Lady of Porta Vaga)
_DSC0033tLa Virgen Milagrosa de Badoc of Ilocos Norte. Canonical Coronation: May 2018
_DSC0306rNuestra Señora de Aranzazu. Canonical Coronation: May 2017.
_DSC0014tNuestra Señora del Pilar de Libmanan, Camarines Sur. Canonically Crowned on October 2015
_DSC0179tNuestra Señora del Pilar de Imus. Canonical Coronation: December 2012. (Check: Imus Cathedral)
_DSC0010ttNuestra Señora de Candelaria de Paracale. Joining the procession for the first time is the Nuestra Señora de Candelaria of Paracale, Camarines Norte. The image was canonically crowned on September 2012.  (Check: Nuestra Senora de Candelaria Church in Paracale)
_DSC0005ttLa Inmaculada Concepcion de Malolos. It was also the first time for La Inmaculada Concepcion de Malolos to join the event. The image was canonically crowned on March 2012. (Check: Cathedral of Immaculate Conception of Malolos)
_DSC0226ttNuestra Señora de Guadalupe of Cebu. Canonical Coronation: July 2006
_DSC0283tNuestra Señora de los Desamparados de Marikina. Canonical Coronation: October 2005
_DSC0290tNuestra Señora del Buen Suceso de Parañaque. Canonically crowned on September 8, 2000. (Check: Cathedral Parish of Saint Andrew in Paranaque)
_DSC0191tNuestra Señora de los Desamparados de Manila. Canonical Coronation: May 1991.
_DSC0195tLa Inmaculada Concepcion de Malabon. Canonically crowned on December 7, 1986
_DSC0196tNuestra Señora de la Candelaria de Jaro. The image was canonically crowned on February 20, 1981.
_DSC0354tNuestra Señora de Salvacion de Joroan of Tiwi, Albay. The image was canonically crowned on August 1976
_DSC0207ttLa Virgen Divina Pastora of Gapan, Nueva Ecija. Canonical Coronation: April 1964.
_DSC0238rrNuestra Señora de Namacpacan of La Union. Canonical coronation: November 1959
_DSC0246tVirgen Milagrosa del Rosario del Pueblo de Orani. Canonical Coronation: April 1959. (Check: Orani Church)
_DSC0183tVirgen de los Remedios de Pampanga. Canonical coronation: September 6, 1956
_DSC0254tNuestra Señora de la Caridad de Bantay of Ilocos Sur. Canonical Coronation: January 1956. (Check: Bantay Church)
_DSC0258ttNuestra Señora de Caysasay of Taal, Batangas. Canonically crowned on December 8, 1954 (Check: Our Lady of Caysasay Shrine in Taal, Batangas)
_DSC0265TNuestra Señora de Visitación de Piat, Cagayan. Canonical coronation: June 1954
_DSC0271tNuestra Señora de la Paz y Buen Viaje of Antipolo. Canonical coronation: November 1928 (Check: Antipolo Cathedral)
_DSC0360tThe procession concludes with the image of the Festejada, Nuestra Señora, La Inmaculada Concepcion, Mater Purisima. Known to be the Patroness of the Philippines. (Check: Museo de San Agustin)

Missing images from this post that particpated the 42nd IGMP: Nuestra Senora de Guia of Erminta, Nuestra Senora de Penafrancia of Manila, Nuestra Señora de Peñafrancia of Naga, and Nuestra Señora de la Consolacion y Correa, and La Naval de Manila

Canonically Crowned Marian images who didn’t make it this year: Our Lady of Manaoag of Pangasinan, Nuesta Senora dela Regla of Lapu Lapu City, Nuestra Señora del Pronto Socorro de Boac, Nuestra Señora del Pilar de Zamboanga, Nuestra Señora del Carmen de San Sebastián, Nuestra Señora del Santísimo Rosario de Ubanon (Samar), La Inmaculada Concepción de Pasig, Nuestra Señora del Pilar de Manila, Nuestra Señora del Pilar de Morong, La Purisima Concepción de Santa Maria (Bulacan), Mary Help of Christians of Pangasinan, and Nuestra Señora de la Asuncion de Dauis (Bohol)
The polychrome life-sized statue of the Immaculate Conception of Manila Cathedral

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