Cosplayers And Lucky Charms In Binondo

P2073164tAfter those fun activities in Lucky Chinatown, we went back to Ongpin to visit Dong Bei Dumplings but before that, it is very interesting to note that aside from the festive lion and dragon dances, I’m surprised to see a lot of Cosplayers during that day. I’m a big fan of cosplaying and I have attended numerous cosplay conventions for the past years (but I am not a cosplayer) so I got thrilled seeing some Cosplayers during our trip. I’m not aware of some of the characters they are tryin to portray but I must say that the details of their costumes were built beautifully. So let’s start shall we.

P2073163tI love how they customized that electric fan cover and convert it into hat
P2073161tThis one reminds me of Sam Fisher of Splinter Cell but in an upgraded Chinese mode heheP2073158tThis one reminds me of Yoshimitsu of TekkenP2073162tYou can never go wrong with Batman20160207_134308tOkay these kids are not cosplayers but they are drawing a lot of attention because of their overwhelming cuteness. They are inviting everyone to buy their Siomai.. So cute!P2073071tThe two famous streets in Binondo, the Ongpin and Yuchengco. Aside from the food tripping, your Binondo Trip will not be completed without buying any of the lucky charms. They are being sold almost everywhere! Here are some lucky charms we found during our trip.P2073070tMonkey Figurines at Php25-50 each. They come in random colors too  20160207_114229tI am not sure why the monkeys should come in pair but you can see them both holding golden coins and a pineapple on top.20160207_090645tSpeaking of Pineapple, you’ll find a lot of these lucky charms in Binondo. It is a small pineapple adorned with Dalanghita (tangerine). I know pineapple is a lucky symbol but not so sure why they should be designed like this. 20160207_104715t
According to the vendor, this should be hang in every doors of each room in your house.20160207_090702tbracelet charms and door chimes are a common sight in Binondo20160207_114022tDoor charms20160207_114048ybracelet charms20160207_134115tSome more lucky chimes20160207_170544tFestive Chinese LanternsP2073098tThe China town Arch!P2073104tAnother arch located near the Ongpin Bridge

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16 thoughts on “Cosplayers And Lucky Charms In Binondo”

  1. TWILIGHT MAN says:

    Wow! Wow! The Cosplay guys are very well dressed up in colourful outfits. I am so impressed as I have been going to watch Cosplay events here but your folks are so different and better in some ways.

    I love the interesting sights of Chinatown and all the Feng Shui lucky decorations esp the garland of lime fruits with pineapple. This is really something new to me.

  2. [SK] says:

    those are indeed very hardcore and serious cosplayer!! look at their costumes, they are so elaborated and down to every minor details, thumbs up!! I bet you had a great time there and witnessed many eye-opener huh??

    ah, you saw those CNY ornaments.. no specific reason why the monkeys always come in pairs, but probably because in pairs are regarded as more suspicious than being in odd numbers in the eyes of Chinese.. 🙂

  3. Johna says:

    Loving the innovative ideas of the cosplayers! The fan idea is brilliant! Hahaha. I’ve been living in Manila for over a year now and have never been to Binodo, I should definitely go for a visit soon ☺

  4. Veeyah says:

    Nice! Haha, soo envious you get to have trips like this. Work is keeping me underground. Haha! Enjoy the trip! (The Cosplayers were definitely killing it!)

  5. The first three cosplayers’ costume were really colorful and extraordinary but you’re right you can never go wrong with Batman because it really appealed to me when I saw it!
    And then the pineapples, do you know if after the CNY celebrations if they can be eaten? Or are they left hanging til they rot?

  6. Cosplayers are very well dressed!! I also wanted to experience Cosplay on our school.
    Thank you for sharing xx


  7. Aika Loraine says:

    All of the costumes are intricately done. i must say the first pic captured my attention. i am not a cosplayer too but i admire the dedication of these guys who spend a lot of time creating their costumes. ohhh. how nice with the cutie babies too calling the attention of passers by to buy their siomai. hehehe!

  8. Cheryl F. says:

    I haven’t seen a cosplayers as serious as this. I have only seen animes and they’re fun. The bracelet charms are so adorable. I used to love having one.

  9. I’ve been wanting to DIY travel and do food trip in Binondo, but maybe some other time after Chinese New Year celebration is really over super dami ng tao.

  10. Louise says:

    Wow! Cosplaying in a whole new level! I think the first three are characters from a Chinese or Japanese empire story. Hehe. It looks more like it eh. You’re right, the costumes are well built and the details on it proves that.

  11. TweenselMom says:

    You really made Binondo look so colorful and alive. Makes me excited to see your other photos.

  12. retlyn says:

    WOW! The cosplayers really dressed well, so amazing! Would love to visit Chinatown soon! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Top5life says:

    You seem to have a lot of fun. And, the photos look amazing

  14. Paolo R says:

    I am not a fan of cosplay pero minsan feel ko maunood nakakawaliw kasi, hehe 🙂

  15. Nurse Alpha says:

    That’s the thing about cosplay. You must be creative and resourceful at the same time in imitating a certain fictional character, which is both amazing and entertaining. It’s quite nice to know that Binondo do have these kind of events. 🙂

  16. Sam says:

    I was at Binondo in the eve of Chinese New Year. It was really an awesome gastronomic and cultural experience. I also saw those cosplayers! Haha

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