10 Fabulous Things To Do in Myanmar

Myanmar is intrigue, charming and mysterious. The country has so much to offer from rugged snowy mountains in the north to the clear turquoise waters in the south. While cultural enthusiasm find it hard to resist the ancient temples of Bagan, adventure seeker have chances to enjoy their passion in the wilderness in Shan State and many other striking areas.
To start a trip to Myanmar, check out these top rated experiences :
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Balloon Flight in Bagan

Bagan an ancient city, in central Myanmar, stands one of the main reason for a trip to Myanmar. It’s stuffed with differing attractions to admire including more than 2000 Buddhist pillars towering over the green plains.

Different selections of catching the area’s panorama exist, but a balloon flight is prodigious. Bagan ranks among the top superlative destinations for Balloon flights in Asia. Soak up with the sweeping views of its landscapes as you challenge your camera skills during sunrise or sunset from the basket – the main highlights of any Bagan Photo Tours !

Spend your days in Inle Lake

With its vast meld of tempting activities, Inle Lake is a rewarding gem of Shan state. This magical spot has a lot to impel you from the vivacious markets with hill tribe’s encounters to its serene floating gardens. Inle’s excellent list of unusual activities to busy your days include visits to the preeminent vineyards, boat trip to Phang Daw Oo Pagoda, photographing 1 leg-rowing fisherman together with hands-on cooking classes with Shan dishes.
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Visit Umbrella Factory in Shan State

Switch from a modernized way of processing goods to a local style. If you are after the idea of beholding Shan state’s typical traditional workshops, Umbrella workshop is the best place. All processing is handmade from bamboo cutting to inventing different designs as well as covering the mulberry paper. The only place to observe this in Shan state is Pindaya.

Journey on Irrawaddy River

Streaming from north to south, Irrawaddy “Myanmar’s largest river” is a photogenic scene to wonder. Most travelers are overpowered by the abundantly luring things along the banks on a cruise from Yangon to Mandalay. Irrawaddy river cruise is beyond observing its varied landscapes to grabbing exciting offshore excursions to the nearby hidden gems like the Unesco Heritage of Pyu Ancient cities.
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Trekking Chin State

Enthusiasts of adventure, Chin state is one of the major destinations to feel the thrill while in Myanmar. A hike to this rugged hill station not only offer pervasive views of landscapes but as well you meet the local tribe with their long tradition of tattooing their faces. You can either do a strenuous trek with a prolific ascend or go by scenic routes traversing unsullied nature.

Train Ride to Mawlamyine

A train journey to Mawlamyine divulges a lot including the varied landscapes of southern Myanmar. On an escape from Yangon city, en-route awe-inspiring views are splendid. It’s a grand opportunity of creating new friendship with fellow travelers as well. Reaching the suburbs of Mawlamyine, various spots are tempting. These include intriguing scenery of Shampoo Island, Mon Cultural museum, Setse beach, Nwa-la-bo Pagoda, Khad-Yon Caves to name but a few.
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Road Trip to Golden Triangle.

An area where the borders of Myanmar, Thailand and Laos meet, the Golden Triangle is now a prominent attraction open to visitors in Myanmar. The excellent way of achieving a great excitement is embarking on a Car trip, passing by numerous villages, charming rice fields and towering mountains. Guided tour awards a lot of things to engross, starting with local life to the history of the Golden Triangle.

Enjoy a cooking Class in Yangon

For an insight of Myanmar’s copious authentic cuisine, consider taking a cooking class with one of the best restaurants in Yangon. This hands-on experience exposes you to different local ingredients used, market visits like Yangon market. Get demonstrated by top-rated chefs in Yangon and after it’s your way to try the preparation of Burmese dishes.
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Visit Shwedagon pagoda

Officially named Shwedagon Zedi Daw, Shwedagon Pagoda is nestled on Singuttara hill west of Kandawgyi Lake. Its 326 feet by height towering the city of Yangon. Visitors to this iconic spot are overwhelmed by its tantalizing grandeur. At night the all place is illuminated. Honestly, its glittering views are adorable. On top of that, its location on a hill offers various panoramic views of Yangon cityscapes. In addition a tour around is enough to absorb Shwedagon’s religious and historical relics.

Relax at Ngapali Beach.

From the hustle bustle of Myanmar’s renowned cities like Yangon, feel balmy at Ngapali beach- an untainted locality defined uniquely by its white sandy shorelines together with turquoise waters. This beach is about seven kilometers from the Thandwe town. For a beach hangout, Ngapali beach is genuinely persuasive. Swim in its crystal clear waters or busk in open space. Other activities to turn Ngapali the main highlight for adventure seekers include diving, snorkeling, kayaking along with a visit to one of the nearby fishing villages.

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