San Agustin Museum Lenten Exhibit 2024 (Intramuros)

It has been a yearly tradition for the San Agustin Museum in Intramuros, Manila to organize a Lenten exhibit. After almost a year of being closed to public due to the covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the museum reopened its doors to public in 2021. This year, the museum’s cloister is once again filled with large carrozas carrying life-sized processional images. Although this year doesn’t come with official announcement and official theme, the Lenten exhibit, just like the previous years, still showcases a large collection of processional images from different parishes and camareros depicting the life and passion of Jesus Christ (including the scenes from the Way of the Cross or Via Crucis).

Most of the images this year were already showcased from the previous San Agustin Museum Lenten Exhibits , including the  “Crucificado con Cristo, Resucitado por Cristo”  of 2021 and “The Augustinians and the Philippine Church“ of 2022.


Things you should know before visiting the Museo San Agustin

►The museum is located in General Luna St of Intramuros. It is adjacent to the San Agustin Church and a few walks away from Casa Manila
►The entrance fee for San Agustin Museum is Php200 for Adults / Php100 for College Students / Php90 for High School Students.

►Refrain yourself from touching any of the images or displays
►Observe silence
TAKE NOTE that once you paid for the admission fee, it means that you have access not just to the Lenten Exhibit alone but also to all other exhibitions and gallery in the convent including the upper cloister and the choir loft. (Check my guide in Museo de San Agustin here)

Without any further ado, here are some of the beautiful processional images from this year’s lenten exhibit in San Agustin Convent Museum of Intramuros.
Saint Peter
Saint Luke
Jesus bids Farewell to His Mother
Jesus Bids farewell to His mother
Mother Mary

Betrayal of Judas
La Pacencia
Señor Jesus Sentenciado
San Longhino (Longinus)
Saint Veronica
Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus
Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus
Senor Jesus Nazareno
La Pieta
La Pieta
Santa Marta
Santa Veronica
Santa Maria Jacobe
Ecce Homo
Santa Maria de Betania
Santa Maria Magdalena
Saint John the Evangelist
Mater Dolorosa
The Resurrection of Christ
The Resurrected Christ
Virgin of Joy

You can also revisit these previous Lenten exhibits:


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