Zambales Pilgrimage Tour

11111111cc I was lucky enough to be part of San Isidro Labrador Parish Pilgrimage tour last Saturday! We had our pilgrimage tour in Zambales and we visited five churches. We are also accompanied by Fr. Ding Honrada, their parish priest. Take note, this is just an overview of the churches we visited but I will post more details about each church soon!
1. Cathedral of St. Augustine in Iba / Iba Cathedral in Iba, ZambalesP3124235tt2. Ina Poon Bato Church in Botolan ZambalesP3124281tt3. Sta Rosa Catholic Church in Cabangan, ZambalesP3124292tt4. San Sebastian Parish Church in San Narciso , ZambalesP3124320tt5. St James Catholic Church in Subic, Zambales

Will give more details about these churches soon

14 thoughts on “Zambales Pilgrimage Tour”

  1. ROBERT LEE says:

    Very nice looking at photos. The last time I was here was when I was a child. It has been 3 decades already!

  2. Paolo says:

    I’ve been in Zambales just for a day in Olongapo and i didn’t explore it, will put this place to visit in Zambales soon. Thanks for sharing this list of Churches

  3. retlyn says:

    Been following you on Instagram, I really love your photos!!

  4. Havent explore zambales yet. I’d love to visit their churches too and meditate.

  5. Jean says:

    I’ve been to Zambales once. We visited a resort in Iba. I noticed how simple life is in Zambales. I can feel the Lenten season now!

  6. Madz says:

    I’ve been to Zambales recently but I didn’t notice their lovely churches.Thanks for capturing the interesting architecture.

  7. ariane says:

    I haven’t been to Zambales yet. But i’m sure to visit the following churches posted. Thanks! Love the photos 🙂

  8. I haven’t joined any pilgrimage or bisita iglesia yet and would love to try soon. The Ina Poon na Bato church is beautiful!

  9. Adel C says:

    Thanks for your nice capture of those beautiful churches of Zambales. I’ve never participated yet on an organized pilgrimage. How was it like?

  10. I’ve been to Zambales once and I love visiting churches!! Thank you for sharing xx


  11. Jessica says:

    Lovely part of Zamabales. I like how you explore every destination. This is perfect for next week!

  12. aika loraine says:

    Will wait for your story! Your lucky to be pRt of a pilgrimage. 🙂

  13. Sonnie says:

    I love of your photo of St. Augustine, parang sa Vatican or Europe ang dating!

  14. Louise says:

    My auntie went on a pilgrimage tour yesterday and if only I did not have any commitments with my doctor, I would have loved to join their group. It’s only during Holy Week that I get to visit churches and give time to reflect and do religious practices. Do you have a list of churches we can visit here in Cavite for the coming holy week?

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