Shercon Resort and Ecology Park, An Picture-worthy and Environment-friendly Resort in Batangas

The heat index in the country is alarmingly reaching dangerous state. Classes are being suspended due to the unbearable heat and I cannot blame people who are now desperately looking for ways to beat the scourging heat. If you are planning to visit a resort, now is definitely a great time.

Located in Mataas na Kahoy, Batangas is a unique and affordable resort that you can visit. Whether you just want a quick day tour or a staycation, Shercon Resort and Ecology Park will surely make your summer escape more memorable. Aside from a large variety of pools, the resort also comes with many areas offering different recreation activities which are ideal for team building, retreat, and family bonding moments. Not to mention the overlooking view of the Taal Lake.

The Swimming Pools

Interestingly, the 10-hectare land of Shercon initially started as a family resort which eventually evolved into a tropical haven, hotel and resort, and an ecological park.

The Amphitheater

One of the most popular attractions in Shercon Resort is their so-called Amphitheater. These are eleven pocket pools constructed like rice terraces. It even surrounded with beautiful landscape, allowing you to enjoy a refreshing bath while embracing the nature around you.
Each pocket pool varies in sizes as well._DSC0371t

Ecology Pool

This one is particularly surrounded by large variety of tall trees and and vegetation.

Infinity Pools

The resort actually offers multiple infinity pools scattered around the area.

Sophia’s Duck Pool

This pool comes with a kiddie area with a duck slide


A very kid-friendly area

The Hidden Pool_DSC0636t

Shercon also comes with a Hidden Pool. While it is not really completely hidden, the resort is not including or revealing this area on their vicinity map.
IMG_20230311_174251_029This is definitely one of my favorite spots in Shercon. It is an opportunity not to be missed when visiting this resort, but of course, you need to exert a little effort to locate this hidden pool.

Aside from their pools, visitors also get the chance to try their recreational facilities. Most of which are ideal for team building and other similar events.

Human Chess


A large and almost human size chess can be found near the Ecology and Leisure Hall of Shercon. Interestingly, this is more than just a typical Chess replica because instead of traditional chess pieces, this one features Lapu-Lapu and Ferdinand Magellan.

Go Kart_DSC0461t

Spacious Go Kart race area for kids and kids-at-heart

Maze Runner_DSC0379t

A 400 sq.m maze runner that is open for both kids and adults.
Don’t worry, there are facilitators in the area to make sure that you’ll escape the maze safely.

Hanging Bridge

Another fun activity that you can try while exploring the resort is their hanging bridge.


The Zipline

_DSC0154tAnother amazing attraction in Shercon Resort is the ninety feet high Zipline. This, however, comes with additional fee, but definitely worth it.





Overlooking Taal Lake_DSC0483t

Shercon offers an overwhelming view of Taal Lake
_DSC0043rt The Gazebo and Taal Volcano as viewed from the Club Manuel Hall



Shercon Resort and Ecology Park offers a wide variety of Accommodation packages. Day Tour cottages and benches are ranging from Php800 to Php6000.

Room rates are ranging from Php3000 to 5,000. Here are recent rates of Shercon Resort and Ecology Park. Note: Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Feel free to visit their Facebook Page or their Official Webpage to get the latest updates.
159956217_3899644783456453_2712853949486819375_nThings you should know before visiting the Shercon Resort and Ecology Park

  • DayTour ENTRANCE Fee is Php250
  • Be mindful that WALK-IN visit is NOT ALLOWED at this moment so you have to make reservation. You can do so by visiting their webpage at
  • You can BRING FOOD AND DRINKS in the resort without corkage fee.
  • PETS ARE ALLOWED but not in the pool areas
  • The resort offer FREE PARKING
  • Proper Swimming Attire is required
  • They also offer PICTORIAL PACKAGES for prenups or debuts

How to Get to Shercon Resort and Ecology Park

If you are driving, you can utilize Waze or Google Map. The Shercon Resort and Ecology Park is located at Barrio San Sebastian, Mataas na Kahoy Batangas.
For Public Transport, Take a bus bound for Lipa, Batangas (there are bus terminals in Cubao and Buendia). Tell the driver to drop you off in Lipa Exit (Tambo Jollibee). From there, ride a jeepney bound for Mataas na Kahoy and tell the driver to drop you off at 7-Eleven.
From here, you can ride a tricycle and just tell the driver to bring you in Shercon Resort and Ecology Park.

Again, reservation must be made first before you go here. They are currently not yet accepting walk-ins

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