The Carillon Tower Of Baclaran Church And The Sinirangan Coffee Shop


After six decades, Baclaran Church finally had its first bell tower. Going back to the shrine’s history, Cesar Consio and Jesse Bontoc originally planned the church to have a higher bell tower but because of its proximity to the airport, civil aeronautic regulations prevented them from carrying out their plan in full. Now, people/ devotees will finally get a chance to hear the bells ringing through the newly built Carillion bell tower as part of the church’s redevelopment plan headed by Palafox Associates. The plan is to transform the 2.5 hectare property to a people-centric environment and it is so wonderful to see that these plans are starting to take shape.P2012639to“Carillon” is basically a musical instrument, a set of stationary bells normally in a tower or high outdoor frame. According to Philippine Consulate Innsbruck site (, there are 24 bells in this carillon and they were all casted by Europe´s leading bell casting company Grassmayr from Innsbruck, Tirol. The four mosaic panels of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, on the other hand were provided by VitreArtus Liturgical Arts Company owned by Mr Robert Cruz. According to him, the mosaic panels took him a month to finish. The making of Carillon took Php 10,084,000zszszzzzThe Carillon bell tower was inaugurated on September 8, 2015, a date that coincides with the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Interestingly, located at the base of the tower is a coffee shop, the Sinirangan Coffee Shop.P2012636tSinirangan Coffee Shop is not your typical coffee shop. While most businesses are aiming to earn more money and profits, Sinirangan has a more meaningful objective! Interestingly, the profit it generates is mainly used to help others (the Yolanda Typhoon Survivors in particular). With the help of the Redemptorist missionaries and Tabang Sinirangan Visayas, a multi-sectoral and inter-regional group whose main organizers include the victims themselves who seek aid from different organizations, the idea of building a coffee shop that caters products directly transported from Visayas. (Sinirangan by the way means “From the East” in Waray).zzzzzzzAside from Coffee, the shop also caters wide range of items including pasta and pastries. It may only offer a small space inside but the exterior part of the shop surrounding the Carillon is spacious enough to accommodate more customers.zzzzzzzzzxxzxzzzzNot to mention their relaxing and eco-friendly ambiance which allows you to enjoy your stay. zxzdscxzzThis huge tree located near the tower is giving enough shade and protect the visitors from the striking heat.P2012632tSinirangan coffee shop offers frappes and cold coffee concoctions ranging from P95 to P145.

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13 thoughts on “The Carillon Tower Of Baclaran Church And The Sinirangan Coffee Shop”

  1. Jovelyn says:

    I love the motive of Sinirangan, not your typical coffee shop huh. I’ll recommend this to my friends who lives near the area so they’ll be able to help while chilling.

  2. Joanna says:

    Coffee shops that get involved into the community life are the best. I actually came across one in London that made all of their cakes in house and donated to a local charity all of their profits. I think this is a great gesture and that the people running the place are one of a kind, that care about others first, before of themselves.

  3. The Sinirangan Coffee Shop caught my attention. It is great that they utilize their profits to help Yolanda victims. I wonder what products they directly source from Visayas and how they directly transport the products. The coffee shop is truly simple yet meaningful. Will recommend this to my friends 🙂

  4. Stargazer says:

    I have been to Baclaran church once and visited the love locks’ area. I think I’ll visit in July again and check out the Carillon.

  5. Another Coffe Shop to try! Well, I just love their perception in business, thankfully, we still have those warm hearts that still caring about Yolanda Victims

  6. Sinirangan Coffee Shop looks beautiful!! The ambiance looks relaxing. Does the coffee have a great taste?

  7. Yan says:

    Every time I read about your travels, I learn something new. I wish I’d be the kind of wanderer you are, curious not just about the photos but also in its history. Keep it up! We also had a Carillon tower in our university so I wondered why there’d be another one, looks like it literally translates to bells, that’s why hehe. 😀

  8. I’ve been to Baclaran a couple of times when I was still a kid. I remember hearing the mass with my mom and auntie. Then we’ll go shopping for cheap clothes. Nice location for the coffee shop. I hope the mass goers will patronize it. That’s a great way of helping the victims of Yolanda.

  9. Neri Ann says:

    Been to Baclaran church a few times. I need to have mom to take a look at that bell and maybe have some coffee at the sinirangan. She frequently goes there whenever she have her vacation here in the phil.

  10. sam says:

    Really loving the eco-friendly vibes plus the coffee. This brings something to look forward to in Baclaran because usually I see it as a very crowded area.

  11. Jaimie Felix says:

    Wow! You have been able to take very good photos. I hardly recognize that it is Baclaran church. Thank you for sharing this~ it has been awhile since I last visited the church. Perhaps, its high time that Ingo visit it again. Xoxo- jaimie felix

  12. SASWATI BHOI says:

    This Coffee Shop looks so beautiful!! Great captures!! 🙂

  13. Louise says:

    Been to Baclaran Church a couple of times but never heard or seen about this coffee shop. It’s nice to hear that this coffee shop helps typhoon victims. Kudos to those who took this initiative. The next time I’m in Pasay, I will not forget to drop by this cafe and of course, the Church.

    ❤ Louise | Tales & Escapades

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