A Trip To Mariveles : The Sisiman Bay

We stayed in Hawla Beach / Claubel Beach resort until 3pm and since we had to follow our itinerary  we decided to go to our next destination. We had a quick stop over in Mariveles Diversion Road just to appreciate the stunning view of the Sisiman Bay. We were on an elevated road so we had a great perspective of the bay including the San Miguel Peak and also a closer look to that huge chimney from that GN Coal Power plant.  IMG_0453t I actually had a chance to take some photos of the chimney when we arrived in the port of Mariveles (and I actually thought that it is a lighthouse haha)IMG_0129tThe GN Power plant chimney as viewed from the port of Mariveles.IMG_0105tI don’t know much about the Sisiman bay but all I can tell is that it is a very humble town that offers marvelous and stunning atmosphere. We parked the van along the road and stayed in Mariveles Diversion road for almost half an hour. We did nothing much there but to take some photos and of course to embrace the remarkable view of the Sisiman bayIMG_0410tBased on what we saw, Fishing is seemingly the main source of income of the locals of Mariveles.IMG_0433tThe colorful boats on the bay are providing balance in this picture-perfect environment and they cannot go unnoticed.IMG_0438tIMG_0441tIMG_0466tIMG_0469tIMG_0463t
After some sightseeing, we headed to Sisiman Bay to get a closer view of the San Miguel Peak and the famous Sisiman Light house.

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