A Trip To Mariveles : The Hawla Beach / Claubel Beach Resort

After that tiring adventure of finding the missing camera bag (Check: Panoypoy Cove Part 2) , I went back to our van only to find out that my group was not there. I decided to take a little rest since my legs were still shaking and after a few minutes, I decided to go back to the wilderness haha. Good thing I saw two of my groupmates along the way and they told me that they were all in the resort. If I didn’t saw them I would probably lost my way to the cove.
IMG_0378tRemember that awesome and picture-worthy balusters in my early post? (Check Panoypoy Cove Part 1) That’s actually part of the resort and their cottages are located near the shore.IMG_0404tI recently spoke with their General Manager Ms Rechelle Medina Gonzales to give me some details about Claubel Beach Resort. According to her, the resort was established in early 2000 which initially carried the name “Hawla Beach”. After more than a decade of being marketed as Hawla, the resort recently embraced a new name. In 2013, they changed the name of the resort to Claubel Beach Resort (as approved by DTI). But then since the locals are way more familiar with the old name, I bet they just can’t let go of the Hawla Beach name so easily.IMG_0407tUnlike going on top of the Panoypoy Cove, going to the resort wasn’t that hard and even kids can managed to climb down (they already have cemented path going down the resort). The picture above shows their current rates. The entrance fee to Hawla beach/ Claubel Beach resort can be availed for as low as Php60 per adult. They allowed visitors to stay overnight with minimal addition. They also have cottages (concrete and Nipa style) which can be availed from Php500-Php800. If you are willing to stay overnight, they offer rooms for Php1500 per night. At this moment, they only have 2 rooms available but they are working on additional rooms to accommodate more guests and I was told that new rooms will be air-conditioned.IMG_0387tHere are the questions you might want to ask.
Is Camping allowed in Panoypoy Cove or Hawla Beach/ Claubel ? Yes, the allow camping in the cove or in the resort but it is not for free. You have to pay for at least one cottage. It is also interesting to note that they offer extra charges for the use of their comfort rooms , utensils, and outlets.

They also have a mini pool with natural water coming from the stream.IMG_0386tWith so many names being used for the resort, which one is the most legit? Well, the official name of the resort is Claubel Beach Resort and according the Ms Rechelle, they were surprised why people are calling it as Panoypoy Cove or Panoypoy beach but I personally think that it’s because of where the resort is located which is the Panoypoy Bay.
Is Hawla Beach / Claubel Beach The Only Way to enter the Panoypoy and the others coves?
Yes, Claubel beach is the only way to access Panoypoy Cove but the rest however are accessible in many ways. Apatot Cove for an instance can be accessed by riding a boat. Same thing goes with the Lusong Cove but unfortunately, the cove is no longer accepting visitors as it is now a private property. IMG_0382tIMG_0391t
How To Get to Panoypoy Cove / How to Get to Hawla Beach?
For those who are coming from Manila, you can take the Bataan Transit bus from the Five Star Terminal near the Araneta Center Cubao.

Take the bus bound to Mariveles and it will drop you off at their terminal in Brgy Poblacion. From the terminal, you can either take a jeep bound to Balon-Anito but it will not drop you off directly to the resort and you need to walk all the way to Claubel. It is more ideal to take a tricycle from the terminal which can accommodate 4 persons in one ride for as low as Php100. Since tricycle is not easily accessible from the resort, you can approach the driver to pick you up in your desired time or better yet ask anyone from the resort to fix a scheduled ride for you.

You can check the scheduled Trip of Bataan Transit here – http://www.bataantransit.com/schedule/

You can also visit the Official Facebook Page of Claubel Beach Resort –HERE

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20 thoughts on “A Trip To Mariveles : The Hawla Beach / Claubel Beach Resort”

  1. Kc says:

    Hi! My friend and I were planning to go to Lusuang Falls. Is it still accessible? Thanks!

    1. Bluedreamer says:

      Hi Kc, unfortunately, the Lusong Cove and Lusong Falls are no longer accepting visitors

  2. Shiki says:

    Hi! Me and my classmates are planning to go to Panoypoy this December but the plan was to start from Talaga Beach since it is the nearest one from the Municipal Hall. Is there a boat we can ride from Talaga going to another cove ( we plan to do “cove hopping” or whatever you call that hehe)? Or can we travel by land? Or maybe we have to trek? Thanks in advance!

    1. Bluedreamer says:

      Hi Shiki, I am not aware about the the way from Talaga to Panoypoy.. but I am more than willing to ask the manager of Hawla Beach (the access to Panoypoy) if this trip is possible.. will get back to you as soon as I get the reply
      thanks for dropping by

  3. Thank you blue dreamer for sharing this itinerary. This is really helpful to our upcoming trip with my friends. Also, i’m working as an account executive of ACE Hotel & Suites http://www.acehotelsuites.com/
    I would like to invite you to do a staycation with us and blog our property to your website. Should you find it interesting, you may reach me thru my email: ariel.labonite@acehotelsuites.com to discuss it for you. Looking forward to your favorable response. be blessed!

  4. Jerald says:

    Mariveles is my hometown, I’ve been there many times before. 2 years ago the entrance fee was only 20 pesos, and the beach wasn’t that clean. There were lot of big and small smooth stones everywhere. I wonder what happened!? It is better now tho.

  5. Leandro C. Cruz says:

    My friends and i were planning to visit your place on Dec. 28-29, 2016, do you have phone number so that we can talk about it.

    Many thanks..


    1. Bluedreamer says:

      Good Day Leandro… I am not affiliated with the Hawla Beach Resort but I would love to help you with this .. I will coordinate with their manager to inform them about this.. will get back to you

      1. Bluedreamer says:

        Hi Leandro.. you can contact Ms Rechelle through this number 09277116064

  6. Donnie domingo says:

    Hi ser, do you have a picture of their comfort rooms po? Thanks!

    1. Bluedreamer says:

      Sorry Sir Donnie, I have no pictures po… but they’re a typical comfort rooms po… not the cozy ones though

  7. yel says:

    Hi kuya! pede ba mgswimming sa panoypoy?

    1. yel says:

      or for sightseeing lang sya?

      1. Bluedreamer says:

        Hi Yel, thanks for dropping by, yes, pwede ang swimming sa Panoypoy.. Hawla Beach Resort offers their black sand beach (a portion of the cove)… mejo mabato lang so kaunting ingat!

  8. Dan says:

    Hello I just wanna ask if the beach allows tourist to bring tent and have a campfire. Or if not is there a place where we can set one?

    1. Bluedreamer says:

      hi Dan, yes they do allow tents but you still have to pay for the cottage rate. I’m not sure with the campfire but I do think it’s possible if you’re going to set it by the shore and not on top of the coves

      1. Dan says:

        Thank you so much for the info!

  9. Dan says:

    is there a designated time for checking in ? and checking out ?
    or any time so the hours of staying would be controlled

  10. Anne says:

    Hi merun po bang available villa s april 15? Overnight po sana

  11. Jovy says:

    Hi is it still available?
    Do you have updated pictures

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