A Trip To Mariveles : Panoypoy Cove (Part 2)

IMG_0284tAfter embracing the breathtaking scenery of the Panoypoy Cove (Check Panoypoy Cove Part 1), our tour coordinator Ms Shella invited us to view the other side of the cove. It was low tide and we can see various rock formation near the shore. Compare to the other side, this one is quite rocky and the formation of them are quite sharp too but it is generally safe to go down the shore.IMG_0286tThey told us that those rock formation at the center are not always visible and we were lucky enough to witness them. We all decided to go down the shore to get a closer look before heading to Claubel Beach resort. The shore is actually filled with huge white pebbles.IMG_0291tYou can see the huge waves creating huge splash every time they clash to huge boulders of rock.IMG_0295tIMG_0302tI actually enjoyed staring at those waves while embracing not just the stunning scenery alone but also the refreshing breeze coming from the sea. I was also informed that you can find the Corregidor Island on the other side (which is geographically and topographically considered as part of Cavite City ~ my hometown)IMG_0299tHeading to the other side of Panoypoy CoveIMG_0312tIMG_0315tIMG_0318tIMG_0322tThe rock formation at the heart of this cove is something cannot go unnoticed! You can also clearly see the bridge-like piece of land that connects this rock formation to the cove.IMG_0334tAgain, the struggle of traveling solo is to find someone to take you a picture but I’m happy that our tour driver (who joined us in our climb) is really approachable. He even instructs me on what kind of pose should I make for an Instagram-Worthy picture hahaIMG_0338tPutting some drama hahaIMG_0343tIMG_0347tThe pebbled shore of Panoypoy cove. I was actually welcomed by the same scenery when we visited the Sisiman bay!IMG_0350tIMG_0353tIMG_0356tIMG_0361tIMG_0370tGoing up finally! We’re about to go back and we’re almost on top of the cove but I realized something is missing! I Lost my Camera bag! So while everyone is preparing their things to head back to where we started, I told them that I had to go down to find my camera bag (my extra battery and charger were all there).  I went back alone and I started to panic because I saw no sign of my bag. After spending few minutes exploring the pebbled shore, I was devastated and decided to go back instead. My legs were shaking already and my fellow travelers were no longer on my sight but as much as I wanted to go back, I was still hesitant and still thinking where the hell I left my bag. Despite of being so exhausted, I still managed to convinced my body to go back and recall all the trails and then I finally remembered that I took the bag off when I asked our tour driver to take me a dramatic picture in that Cliff-like rock formation haha.

Honestly, my legs were really shaking like crazy yet I still have to climb up. The worst is, I was all alone and my team left me already. I don’t know exactly where they headed and I have no idea how to go back. Good thing there are clear trails and I saw footsteps so I just followed them (hoping that it is the path haha)IMG_0376tThis tree has become a marker to me.  I was all alone and my weird imagination started to freak me out. I was in great relief when I saw the way out. I went back to our van but no one was there. I was in great despair, i was so tired, my legs were still shaking and I thought I had to wait for the rest of the group until 2 pm (it was just around 9 or 10am). I rested for few minutes and decided to go back and while I am on my way to Panoypoy cove, I saw two of my groupmates heading back and they told me that they need to buy some ice and asked me if I am going back to the resort! So I just keep myself calm and cool and I told them yes (that just gave me an idea where they are). They were all in Claubel Beach resort (Hawla Beach) and the moment I saw my group, i was really in great relief!

I will post about Hawla Beach in my next entry ^_^

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Additional Note:  Camping is permitted in Panoypoy cove or even in the Hawla Beach but you need to pay for a cottage first. Comfort rooms are available in the resort but you can also bring your own camping gears (portable toilets, cooking equipments , etc) for your own convenience. You might want to check “Gear We Are” for the rest of your hiking and backpacking needs. Bring enough foods too because you need to trek down the cove just to find the nearest store.

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5 thoughts on “A Trip To Mariveles : Panoypoy Cove (Part 2)

  • February 20, 2017 at 11:43 pm

    Sir day trip lang po ba kayo? What time kayo dumating sa mt. Samat at panoypoy cove.

    • February 20, 2017 at 11:44 pm

      What time din po kayo umalis nf bataan..

    • February 21, 2017 at 12:12 am

      Hi Nelmar.. umalis kami ng 4 am from Cubao… nakarating kami sa Mariveles around 6 or 7 na…. then umalis kami ng Panoypoy around 3pm… na late nga lang kami for Mt Samat.. nakarating kami dun almost 5 na pero they allowed us parin to enter

  • April 11, 2017 at 11:08 pm

    Hi po.. dto po ba may bangka papunta sa five fingers? Thanks hoping for your reply 😉


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