A Trip To Mariveles : Panoypoy Cove (Part 1)

IMG_0147tAfter taking a quick break at the port of Mariveles (where we had our breakfast and had a quick stop at one of the Bataan Death March Markers), we went all the way to Balon-Porto road where the Hawla Beach (now known as the Claubel Beach resort) is located. The resort is the only way to access the Panoypoy Cove. Although I know that the Cove is part of our itinerary, I wasn’t aware that it will require as some minor trekking before we get there. It was a tiring yet truly rewarding experience for me.IMG_0139tThe path that welcomed us after passing through the gate of Hawla Beach. I thought the way to the cove was already cemented to make the place easily accessible but I was wrong.IMG_0141tThe cemented path eventually turned into a muddy terrain yet the green scenery put me in so much awe. Not to mention the refreshing breeze from the sea.IMG_0149tWe also encountered these concrete balusters which added more “Picture-worthy” scenery in the place. The stairs will lead you to the Claubel Beach resort but we had to skip it first and take the other path to reach the best part of the Panoypoy cove.IMG_0152tIMG_0155tIMG_0158tThe part of the cove and the beach resort as viewed from the topIMG_0164tIMG_0167tThis stream of water flows down the cove and also the one that supplies water directly to Hawla beach’s mini pool.IMG_0171tThe start of the forest-like trail to Panoypoy coveIMG_0173tThe slippery and muddy trail to the cove oddly excites me not just because it was my first time but it made me feel like I was part of a movie or something and we’re lost in this seemingly enchanted forest. It could be a minor trek but it is advisable to bring enough water with you as it could be a little exhausting. You can check The Gear Hunt for more hunting and hiking equipment you can use in your adventure.IMG_0179tIMG_0181tI really love the fact that this place is still unspoiled. There are no commercial buildings, less houses and more trees! This is a kind of place where you can really embrace the nature and now that Mariveles is starting to get some attention, I wish that the fate of Panoypoy Cove and the others will not lead to the same fate of those highly spoiled tourist destinations we have today.IMG_0185tFrom muddy to rocky trail!IMG_0189tIMG_0192ttAnd finally the way out of the jungle haha! We survived!IMG_0200tThe scenery put me in so much awe! This is the moment where I can freely sing .. “the hills are alive… with the sound of music” but then I don’t want to express much emotion because my group mates might think I’m insane so I just keep myself calm and cool (while holding my excitement inside haha)IMG_0203tIMG_0205tThe stunning view made all those exhausting trek truly rewarding.IMG_0208tYou can view the other coves from this point. The Lusong Cove in this side and the Apatot cove in the other. IMG_0213tThe Lusong Cove is actually part of our itinerary but it didn’t pushed thru as they are no longer allowing visitors to enter the privately-owned area. We were supposed to witness the Lusong Falls.IMG_0222tAnd there’s me embracing the beauty of this paradise!IMG_0226tAnd you know what I realized when traveling solo? It so damn hard to get a selfie… luckily our Tour Driver who also climbed with us was so kind to ask me if I want him to take me some pictures!IMG_0251tIMG_0263ttAnd he is really a great photographer I must say! The beauty of Panoypoy Cove was perfectly captured in this photo!IMG_0231tI have never been to Batanes but I was able to see a lot of pictures showcasing the beauty of the said place. Mariveles or the Panoypoy cove alone may not be as breathtaking and New-Zealand-like paradise as Batanes but it indeed shares some notable similarities which makes Mariveles deserving enough to be called as the Batanes of the West.IMG_0233tIMG_0244tIMG_0248tI sat down in a boulder for few minutes just to embrace everything. The peaceful scenery, the refreshing breeze and the silence made me forget all my struggles and it was definitely one of the most rewarding feeling I have ever felt in my life! IMG_0267tIMG_0269tIMG_0276tIMG_0280tIt was low tide and some areas of the cove were safely accessible at that time so we were all encouraged to visit the other side of the cove.

If there is a good part, there’s also a bad one and I am going to share it all on my next entry!

14 thoughts on “A Trip To Mariveles : Panoypoy Cove (Part 1)”

  1. KatKat says:

    hi sir! tanong lang po… kailangan po ba namin ng guide going to panoypoy cove or may established trail po na dadaanan para hindi po kami maligaw? salamat po =)

    1. Bluedreamer says:

      No, not necessarily… it’s a very easy trail actually and there’s no need for a guide but those who manage the Hawla beach resort are very approachable.. you might wanna ask their help to guide you.. I’m not sure if there’s a fee though.. mejo confusing lang kasi yung trail paakyat pero the trail is visible naman

  2. Mat says:

    Beautiful colorful photos from panoypoy cove. Looking at the photos is like traveling myself. Thanks again

  3. mariebelle serdon says:

    how to get there using public transport?

  4. Jom says:

    Hello, got a question. Do they allow overnight camping at these beaches? Thanks in advance. ?

    1. Bluedreamer says:

      Hi Jom, thanks for dropping by. Yes, they allow overnight stay in their beach (kindly refer to this post : http://www.bluedreamer27.com/a-trip-to-mariveles-the-hawla-beach-claubel-beach-resort/ ).
      Camping is allowed but you have to pay a cottage rate for that.

  5. Pina muyuela says:

    Hi magknu po rent ng boat para sa island hopping? Magknu din po entrance, gov’t fee at cottage? Malayo po ba lalakarin papunta sa lugar?

    1. Bluedreamer says:

      Hi Pina… The boat rental according the resort manager is worth 2500 which is already good for 6 pax and is also good for 3 hours

      The entrance is Php60 for adult (30 for kids) / 100 for overnight stay (50 for kids)

      Cottages : Concrete :500 / Nipa Hut: 800/ and Rooms are 1500 (no breakfast and fans only)

      It requires minor trek going to Panoypoy (ideal for beginners)

  6. Francisco murillo says:

    Good evening po…tanong kulang po kung pano po magpabook…at sino po pwd natawagan pra sa mga tanong tungkol sa panoypoy cove…at sa iba pang mga tanong….salamat po…

    1. Bluedreamer says:

      Good day Francisco,
      Thanks for dropping by.. could you send me a PM in my Facebook Page fb.com/itsmebluedreamer so I can give you the details.. thanks

  7. She says:

    Hi! Thank you for sharing!
    We’re considering this place for our engagement shoot. Is the trail to the cove difficult? How long did it take to reach the cove? Would you recommend this location for a prenup? ?

    1. Bluedreamer says:

      Hi She.. the trail going to the cove is not really that difficult.. even kids can trek it..
      I spotted a prenup album shot in this location.. you might want to take a look https://www.facebook.com/pg/PhotogenicsStudios/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1255842664497236

  8. meme says:

    question lang po, can we swim in the beach shown?

    1. adminbdmc says:

      Hi yes, you can swim sa Hawla Beach … there are cottages too

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