A Trip To Binondo : The Santa Cruz Church


After a quick visit to Kuang Kong Temple, we headed to our last destination before we decided to have our dinner in Sincerity Restaurant and before buying our pasalubongs! We went to Santa Cruz Church which has always been on my list of churches to visit in Manila. So generally, we were able to visit three churches on our trip to Binondo including the Binondo Church and the chapel of Nuesta Señora De Manila.P2073156tThe Arch of Goodwill, it’s just one of the arches we encounter during our trip. This one can be found near the Carriedo Fountain.P2073155tThe well-known Carriedo Fountain in Sta Cruz Manila! It was built in honor of the 18th-century Capitán General of Manila, Don Francisco Carriedo y Peredo, benefactor of Manila’s pipe water system. It was moved three times before its current location at Plaza Santa Cruz, right in front of the Santa Cruz Church. The original Carriedo Fountain was built in May 1882 as part of the Carriedo water works system and was inaugurated by Governor-General Fernando Primo de Rivera on July 24, 1882.P2073136tDuring the term of Mayor Alfredo Lim, he convinced MWSS administrator Mr. Luis V. Z. Sison to bring back the Carriedo Fountain to Manila. MWSS agreed but requested that the fountain be replicated. The company commissioned national artist Napoleon Abueva to replicate the original Carriedo Fountain in the spot where it was once located. Abueva worked for one year using plaster as the primary material to create a rendition that would not be suspected as a replica.P2073145tThe stunning facade of the Santa Cruz Church. This church currently employs a California Spanish Mission façade silhouette with the usual Filipino (Asian-Hispanic) baroque ornamentation. P2073139tConstruction of the first Santa Cruz Church was started in 1608 by the Jesuits and it was consecrated in June 1619, as the parish to serve the increasing migrants from China arriving in Manila, many of whom had decided to convert to Catholicism. The original church design was made of stone and wood and is built under the patronage of Our Lady of Pillar. It notably has three semicircular arch doorways form as main entrance to the church. A Celtic-like window flanked by small semicircular windows is found at the center of the second level while an effigy of Our Lady of Pillar can be found on the top!P2073140tDomed beflry of the Santa Cruz Church located on the right side of the entrance.P2073142tA heritage Marker found near the church’s entrance.XCXCVCVXVI also found this image near their main office.ZXCZCZSThe nave and the altarZXZDEDSI  was quite surprised to see an overwhelming amount of Chinese Lanterns inside! It was really interesting to see a mixture of two religions in this church!P2073146tThe image of Our Lady of Pillar, their patroness inside their chapel of saints!ZSZFCSFSFAlso spotted an image of Saint Lucy.

After the Santa Cruz Church, we headed back to Yuchengko Street to have our dinner at Sincerity Restaurant

Next Entry : Sincerity Restaurant

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15 thoughts on “A Trip To Binondo : The Santa Cruz Church”

  1. [SK] says:

    very beautiful church, I like the color and the shape.. the images in the church also look very lively, so skillfully done.. and oh, I also love that fountain, it must be a place where many people make it a meeting point?? haha.. 🙂

  2. Whenever im around Binondo for some thrift shopping i cannot appreciate the place because of the crowd and my worries about the surroundings. Im too occupied with so many things and my “to buy” list. Seeing your lovely photos made me want to visit Binondo, not to do shopping around but just to explore those places and probably do some food trips! ☺️

  3. Wow! what a magnificent place. I love the shots! I want to hear more about it please! good post!

  4. Veeyah says:

    You must be tired of me saying this all the time, but I *still* love your Binondo series. gives me a feel of being there too, which is awesome. Ganda tlga ng churches natin. So much history, beautiful structure.

  5. Sonnie says:

    Just after the arco, go visit Kim Hiong. They serve one of the best fried and toasted noodles. Try it, this is one of my fave chinese resto.

  6. Yami says:

    I love it! I love it! This a good destination. Nice photos as well. I will spare time to do this meaningful trip.

  7. Aika Loraine says:

    Beautiful. Arent all churches are? Cant wait to see more from your next blogs!

  8. The church is simply breathtaking. The architecture and the interiors are beautiful. the color of the church is so bright it is eye-catching.

  9. Mark says:

    There are so many beautiful churches to visit in our country. Would like to visit them as much as possible. Nice photos sir!

  10. Karen says:

    I frequently visit Binondo several years ago, especially the Yuchengco St., just beside the Binondo Church. The last time I was there was last November with my in-laws.

  11. Ginoel Orejo says:

    Been to this church last year. I must say you really captured the church’s character with your photos. It’s such a great work of architecture.
    -Gino of http://www.dropdeaddapper.com

  12. Paolo says:

    I really like visiting churches specially the old and baroque style. every time i traveled in different place i always give time to visit their churches. Thank you for sharing this info will look forward to visit Santa Cruz Church.


  13. Johna says:

    I’ve never been here before but the church looks so beautiful! It kinda has a modern but rustic feel to it, great post!

  14. Yan says:

    there’s so much to love about Philippine churches specially the architecture! I think your photos are too saturated though XD

  15. I love how your pictures have really crisp quality. Love how the Santa Cruz Church was featured here. I sometimes around with me friends in this area.

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