The Panagbenga Festival 2016 Grand Float Parade

P2283834ttPanagbenga is one of the well-known festivals here in the Philippines. It is a month-long annual flower festival occurring in Baguio. The term Panagbenga is basically a Kankanaey term ( a South-Central Cordilleran language) which means “a season of blossoming, a time for flowering” as it is celebrated on the month of February when flowers are starting  to bloom. This festival reflects the history, traditions and values of Baguio and the Cordilleras.
P2283791tI am so glad that I was able to witness this festival for the first time. Although I am really afraid to travel alone in Baguio, i decided to conquer that fear and I’m so happy I made it through! As I said, this Festival is a month long celebration but the grandest of them all are the last two days of February where the Street Dancing and Grand Float Parade are being held.I was there during the Grand Float parade which is really great because it was an all out parade and the Street Dancers from yesterday’s event will accompany each float too. Despite of the striking heat, the smell is overwhelming good! P2283793tWe arrived in Baguio early as expected so I had enough time to view the Floats while they are being prepared for the parade! P2283794tThe floats covered mostly with flowers and you will surely admire the effort they offered to make this wonderful floats. I admire all the details and i also realized that each float represents a certain product (maybe their sponsors). Nevertheless, they are all amazing!P2283798tA big float of SitelP2283802tP2283805tSession Road is where most of the events in Panagbenga will take place including the Grand Float Parade! P2283806tP2283807tI wonder how much flowers are there for each float and how long it took them to complete these grand floatsP2283809tThey said that the parade will begin at 7 yet we waited for more than an hour before it officially started. P2283810tI also learned that you should really come here early than the scheduled time of parade because people will start to gather and the place will be crowded instantly. Luckily i had enough time to take a closer look to each float and found myself a nice position before the parade begins.P2283812tP2283820tWell, it’s not really an ideal position because I was in a location where the actual parade begins. This is a spot where the formation of each float is bein arranged. I wasn’t able to witness the street dance performances. P2283824tP2283825tP2283826tP2283827tIt is also interesting to note that it is not just an exhibition but a competition! Each float is being judged too based on their category and so as the Street Dance!P2283828tP2283829tP2283833tP2283836tP2283849tStreet dancers and their colorful costumes are starting to line up! The parade was about to begin (finally).P2283860tDrums and music starting to rollP2283867tSpotted this minature Jeep named Jeepito. P2283869tP2283870tA Maleficent-inspired FloatP2283874tDrummers in Igorot costume!P2283880tThese are celebrities.. I just don’t know their names but according to them, they were PBB Housemates. Not SureP2283883tZagu Float, one of my favoritesP2283889tMinecraft-inspired float by Mang Juan, Blend 45 and NissinP2283890tJust look at the crowd!P2283891tP2283900tP2283903tHere’s a float that pokes fun to the viral Carrot ManP2283908tP2283912tP2283914tP2283922TAlso spotted Asi TaulavaP2283930tP2283932tP2283938TP2283944TSpotted Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco.P2283947TP2283952TP2283955TP2283957TI wasn’t able to finish the entire parade but I also spotted Coco Martin and their Probinsyano-Inspired float but I wasn’t able to take a decent photo! I really had a blast and hopefully I can attend the same event next year!

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4 thoughts on “The Panagbenga Festival 2016 Grand Float Parade

  • March 3, 2016 at 11:56 pm

    finally you took the step out to travel alone, but you were not really alone because you joined a group tour which got you other group members together.. the procession is indeed very interesting with all the beautifully decorated floats, I like the Slurpee from 7-Eleven the most, cute!! haha.. 🙂

  • March 5, 2016 at 10:27 am

    I like the float of NLEX the most. If not for my possible sneezefest because of allergy, I would have been there. I wonder what they do with all the flowers after the parade? I hope they don’t go to the trash.

  • March 6, 2016 at 6:21 pm

    What a grand parade! All the floats look so colourful with so many flowers. Must have taken a lot of time and effort to prepare them.


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