The Tejeros Convention In General Trias, Cavite

IMG_0313tI understand now why all Filipinos are craving for that big change in our country because we have been dealing with that same corrupted government and this dirty politics can be traced way back to our very first administration. Before the Malolos Congress were formed where the First Philippine Republic was born, there was once the Tejeros Assembly or convention which was held in San Francisco De Malabon (now General Trias , Cavite). This convention was considered as the very first Presidential and Vice Presidential election in Philippine history but unfortunately, it didn’t end up so well.IMG_0290tIMG_0297tJust beside the Welcome arch of General Trias Cavite lies the newly constructed site of the Casa Hacienda De Tejeroes. This is where the infamous Tejeros Convention was held.  The convention was held on March 22, 1897 with a mere purpose to discuss the defense of Cavite against the Spaniards during the Philippine Revolution. The assembly however became an election to decide who should lead the Revolutionary movement.IMG_0299tThe convention was attended by two parties, the Magdalo and the Magdiwang. Emilio Aguinaldo (although not present in the convention) was nominated for President to represent the Magdalo party while Andres Bonifacio and Mariano Trias represented the Magdiwang Faction.IMG_0322tIMG_0311tEmilio Aguinaldo won the election gathering 146 votes out of the 256 registered voters. Mariano Trias took the vice presidential position while Bonifacio was elected as the Director of the Interior. However, a guy named Daniel Tirona raised his objection to elect Bonifacio as the Director of the Interior. According to him, the position should belong to someone who has a lawyer’s diploma which insulted Bonifacio.IMG_0324tAn intricately carved bronze sculpture inside the Casa Hacienda De Tejeros depicting the Tejeros Convention. Bonifacio, clearly insulted, demanded that Tirona retract the remark. When Tirona made to leave instead, Bonifacio drew a pistol and was about to fire at Tirona, but stopped when Ricarte tried to disarm him.IMG_0331tBonifacio’s pride was affronted ego and he walked out of the assembly, after proclaiming the result of the convention null and invalid by virtue of his authority as Supremo. This started the rivalry between Bonifacio and Aguinaldo, and the decline of the Katipunan as an organization.

Additional Trivia:

Since Emilio Aguinaldo was not present during the election, he was persuaded by his brother to take the oath along with other elected officers (except Bonifacio) in Santa Cruz de Malabon (now Tanza) – Check –Santa Cruz Convent Museum

Andres Bonifacio and his brother was also arrested shorty after the events of Tejeros Convention. They were both held in a cell inside the Casa Hacienda de Naic – Check Casa Hacienda De Naic

IMG_0328tHere’s how the old Tejeros mansion looked like.IMG_0355tIMG_0350tThe center hall as viewed from the second floor. There’s a huge portrait depicting the intense scene during the Tejeros AssemblyIMG_0356tI’m quite surprised that despite of being so spacious, this three-story building is barely empty and occupied. There were plenty of rooms that are unoccupied while some areas are seemingly unmaintained. Maybe the place is just being used for special occasions.IMG_0333tLocated in each post or column are bust statues of people who were there during the convention or associated with this historical assembly. Here’s a bust statue of Gen Artemio RicarteIMG_0335tIMG_0336tGen Emiliano Riego De DiosIMG_0337tGen Baldomero B Aguinaldo – I visited his Mansion early this year- You can check – The Baldomero Aguinaldo Shrine In CaviteIMG_0338tGen Mariano AlvarezIMG_0339tGat Andres BonifacioIMG_0342tJosephine Bracken. I was surprised to see her here but upon doing some researched I learned that after Rizal’s death, Bracken joined the Revolutionary forces in Cavite and witnessed the Tejeros Convention before going back to Manila. IMG_0344tGen Pascual AlvarezIMG_0346tGen Mariano TriasIMG_0347tDon Severino Delas AlasIMG_0348tEmilio Aguinaldo
IMG_0341tIMG_0357tIMG_0359tAnother interesting and historically significant sight in this place are the remains of the old Casa Hacienda. Some parts of the old building can still be seen including this concrete staircase. IMG_0363tIMG_0365tThe site is now being covered with huge trees and grass.IMG_0366tYou’ll also find old tunnels which leads out to a nearby river.IMG_0367tIMG_0369tIMG_0368tIMG_0375tOld adobe walls that are still intact.IMG_0377t

How To Get to Tejeros Convention

From Coastal/ Baclaran- Ride a bus bound to Naic, Ternate or Maragondon. Tell the driver to drop you off in Gen Tri Crossing or you can mention him to drop you at the “Arko”. Just beside the Welcome Arch, you’ll find the Tejeros Convention.

Take note, there are no Entrance Fee to Tejeros Convention

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