4 Unique and Interesting Attractions in Livingston, New Jersey

Unwinding during the weekend after a long week is a great way to spend some time, but doing quiet activities can become mundane. Sometimes, we all need a little adventure. Whether your pleasure is exploring, observing, or experiencing the sights around you, Livingston, New Jersey, has something for you. This weekend, hashtag “adventure” all over your Instagram feed. Hop in the car with a few good friends and explore the following attractions.


Enjoy a Good Scare

Get your adrenaline pumping again by giving yourself a scare. Bane Haunted House is one of the scariest attractions in New Jersey. Bane is wickedly cool and makes use of phobias ranging from claustrophobia to clowns. It isn’t an easy stroll with a few scares thrown in; Bane is an interactive haunted house. Visitors may be asked to jump over or climb up obstacles, crawl through objects, or spin around during their visit. Housed in a 40,000-square-foot building with over 100 actors, prepare to be terrified out of your wits.


Swing From the Trees

If you are looking for a rousing experience, nothing says “adventure” quite like a TreeTop Adventure Course in nearby West Orange. Adult courses are 35 feet in height and take approximately 1 1/2 hours to complete. Choose your adventure from 30 distinctly challenging obstacle course events.

Since the activity is rigorous, you’ll want to dress appropriately and comfortably. You will wear a harness, and the guide recommends slip-resistant gloves so that you can safely hold onto the rope. Deck yourself out in your gear and head to the treetops. Picture the selfie you will take as you swing wild and free on the course.


Recognize History

If swinging from trees like George of the Jungle isn’t quite your style, head to nearby Newark and stop by the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart. This magnificent cathedral, built in 1899, is a National Historic Landmark structure, receiving this designation in 1974. Attend a concert series or take in the gorgeous aesthetics of the sanctuary. Take time for a quiet moment of reflection in the pews and remember when times were simpler and the church was the hearth of the American way of life.

Exercise Your Brain

Now that you’ve engaged with a historic structure, it’s only right that you continue to feed your brain by visiting the Thomas Edison National Historical Park in nearby West Orange, administered by the National Park Service. Thomas Edison was one of America’s great inventors. Spend an afternoon exploring the Edison Estate and Laboratory. Take a self-guided tour, roam through the main laboratory’s three floors, and wander over to the Black Maria. Once you’ve toured the laboratory, stop by the Glenmont Estate to take a tour of the Edison mansion.

Exploratory weekends rev up our spirits, but pushing through a few jam-packed days can be tiring. Luckily, Livingston has several relaxing lodging choices to choose from to help you unwind from each fun activity. Comfortable rooms, breakfast buffets, and other amenities ensure a way to relax after all of your undertakings. Take delight in the adventure.

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