Back To Baguio (With Mama) : Saint Joseph The Worker Parish

After that tiring yet rewarding time we have spent exploring the Botanical Garden [Check : Back To Baguio (With Mama) : Botanical Garden], i got thrilled because finally I will get the chance to visit the Baguio Cathedral. I never got the chance to visit the Cathedral during the Panagbenga Festival last year and when I found out that Baguio Cathedral is part of our itinerary, i just can’t hide my excitement. We were initially told that we only have 10 to 15 minutes to explore the church and I thought it was just fine. However, to my dismay, our tour took us somewhere else. We were taken to a different church!20161218_101953tWe were guided to “Saint Joseph The Worker Parish“. I actually wouldn’t mind being taken to a different church but what pisses me off is that our Tour Guide is seemingly not knowledgeable enough about Baguio City. I mean, really? If you are a tour coordinator, you should be know the place you are exploring. If you are not familiar with the destinations, well at least you must do some research in advance before the actual event. Unfortunately, the rest of the group were misinformed.20161218_100656tThe Saint Joseph Parish Church is located in Pacdal Road in Baguio City. It is not as huge as the Cathedral but is equally stunning. It has a simple facade with a single belfry on the side.  The façade is punctuated by stained glass windows, the most striking of which is the central cross design that from the inside is in blazing red outlined in gold, over the choir loft.20161218_100616tA portico at the entrance of the church serves as shed from the scourging heat of the sun. I cannot find any further details on when the church was established but the church became known as the venue of Aga Mulach and Charlene Gonzales Wedding.20161218_100725tThe church’s nave. The interiors were adorned by golden chandeliers.20161218_100745tThe church features an interesting-looking retablo which resembles a Gothic-inspired church facade. I’m not sure if this is inspired from a real church much like what we have seen in Binondo Church.20161218_100800tThe stained glass windows illuminating the church’s interior.20161218_100825tIn one of the sanctuaries, you’ll find the image of Immaculate heart of Mary20161218_101010tAnd on the other side lies the church’s patron saint, Saint Joseph the Worker.
With much crowder Baguio Cathedral, Saint Joseph the Worker Parish is a perfect alternative in case you are looking for a much serene and quiet atmosphere.

How to Get to Botanical Garden
►Going to Baguio has never a hassle anymore. There are so many transit buses in the Metro that will take you directly to Baguio (Victory Liner and Genesis buses are two of the common bus companies that offers buses bound to the Summer capital of the Philippines. It is going to be 5-7 hours long travel and a one way ride may cost you up to Php450 or above. All places in Baguio can now be reached via jeepney or tricycle.
►Saint Joseph The Worker Parish is near the Baguio Plaza along with other popular destinations like Mines View or the PMA. Just ride a jeepney bound to such places and just ask the driver to drop you off to any of these spots

Where to stay in Baguio
► There are many places to stay while in Baguio. There are many transient houses, budget hotels and even a bedspace. This will depend on your budget but based on my own experiences, it is really ideal to book your stay ahead. I got most of bookings at TravelBookPH (due to the great discounts I usually get from them). You can check this List of Hotels In Baguio for your budget-friendly guide!

After a quick visit to the Saint Joseph The Worker Parish and after being misinformed that it was the Baguio Cathedral, we headed to another common spot in Baguio, the Wright Park and The Mansion. I am going to post more of our Baguio experience soon.

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