National Shrine Of The Sacred Heart of Jesus In Makati

20160724_095706_Richtone(HDR)ttAfter visiting the Our Lady of Sorrows Parish in Pasay, we headed to our second destination, the National Shrine of Sacred Heart of Jesus in Makati. Much like the first church we visited in Pasay, the National Shrine of Sacred Heart of Jesus offers a very unassuming exterior. The church offers a very simple facade with the statue of Sacred Heart on top.IMG_0208ttThe National Shrine of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was established in 1976 and it was declared as a National Shrine in June 15, 1985 (exactly on the feast day of the Sacred Heart of Jesus).


The marker of dedication displayed outside the church

The church also underwent major renovation particularly the main altar which is now dominated by a magnificent rendition of the Sacred Heart.20160724_101052_Richtone(HDR)tThe church nave
20160724_100546yA Closer look to the altar. The side altars as you can see from the image is also blessed. It is dedicated to St Margaret Mary Alacoque. Her relics are enshrined and venerated in this altar. 20160724_100132_Richtone(HDR)tThe Stunning altar of the Sacred Heart of Jesus20160724_100053_Richtone(HDR)t20160724_100139_Richtone(HDR)tThe choir loft20160724_100958_Richtone(HDR)tThe view of the church’s interior from the choir loft.20160724_101256_Richtone(HDR)tA statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus near their office.
In case you are doing a pilgrimage, here are the activities you might want to do
1. As you enter the Jubilee door, proceed to the main altar, pray Pope John Paul’s Daily Offering to the Sacred Heart and Novena Prayer to the Sacred Heart (if you visit the office, they are actually distributing prayer leaflets).
2.You move to your right and enter the Baptistry and there renew your Baptismal Promises.
3.Visit the Crucified Christ by the Columbarium where you recite the prayers to obtain the plenary indulgence and apply your plenary indulgence to 1 soul in Purgatory.
4. Enter the Shrine again and proceed to the Room of Mercy(Confessional) under the stairs to the choir loft.
5.Exit thru the door to visit the Adoration chapel for few moments of thanksgiving. You can also write petition to their petition box as well.
6. Proceed to the Shrine office to have your passport stamped.

Sundays : 6:00, 7:30am, 9:00am, 10:30 am, 12:00nn, 2:30pm , 4:00pm, 5:30pm, 7:00pm and 8:30pm
Weekdays: 6:00am, 6:45am, 7:30am, 12:15pm and 6:00pm
Saturdays: 6:00am, 6:45am, 5:00pm and 6:30pm

How To Get here
If you are coming from the North
You may take the LRT or Jeepneys (bound to Baclaran) and alight off at Gil Puyat (Buendia) Station. From there, ride a Bus or Jeepney bound to Ayala. Ask the driver to drop you off at RCBC Plaza. From RCBC Plaza, look for the Makati Central Fire Station. From there, you can just walk or ride a tricycle going to the Shrine.

If you are coming from the South
You may take the LRT or Jeepneys (bound to Divisoria) and alight off at Gil Puyat (Buendia) Station. From there, ride a Bus or Jeepney bound to Ayala. Ask the driver to drop you off at RCBC Plaza. From RCBC Plaza, look for the Makati Central Fire Station. From there, you can just walk or ride a tricycle going to the Shrine.

27 thoughts on “National Shrine Of The Sacred Heart of Jesus In Makati”

  1. Lex says:

    This is massive, am a Catholic and can relate to this. Thanks for bringing me back to reading more on my faith.

  2. Johna says:

    I’ve never been here before but I love to attend mass here one day. Such a beautiful place. Quite close to where I live as well ????????????

  3. Johna says:

    I’ve never been here before but I love to attend mass here one day. Such a beautiful place. Quite close to where I live as well ????????????

  4. retlyn says:

    The church looks simple yet beautiful! the statue of Sacred Heart outside looks stunning, I would really love to visit that church someday 🙂

  5. How beautiful! A friend and I were chatting this morning about loving the energy that is often felt in churches, no matter what religion.

  6. ROBERT LEE says:

    Hey, this is your second church of what I believe are five churches you have to visit. Congratulations… but that is not appropriate isn’t it? Going to church is a spiritual thing and it is between you and God.

    1. Bluedreamer says:

      yes Sir Robert… our group decided to visit all the churches in one day because that’s the only time we can afford to visit Manila .. so we just took advantage of the shuttle that we hired.. but just like what we were told, it is advisable to visit only one church at a time so a pilgrim can maximize the activities they can do and that includes attending the whole mass…. I’m not a super religious guy Sir robert but just like what I mentioned in one of my post (, there’s really something about churches that attracts me aside from giving me such spiritual enlightenment

  7. Klaudia says:

    Oh hello there , I haven’t been to the Blue Dreamer’s blog for a while . Have you changed your design ? I love it !!! The photos are amazing ( as always) . That church is so stunning , I love visiting churches . Not necessarily when there’s a miss on , tho.

  8. I’m not really into churches because maybe I’m not really religious but what I like though is how it looked like a grand scenery from the outside. Fresh site in Makati, I guess.

  9. Beautiful church! Really spectacular. I can always admire a good architecture when I see one. And the design in these religious sites is truly remarkable. Also thank you for sharing the historical info.

  10. Sriparna says:

    I’m non-Catholic; but as always, I have friends wow true Catholics from every bone in their body. It’s because of them that I cab relate to your post and is intensity. Nicely described on hoe to get there….I’ll be sharing this with my friends…

  11. R U S S says:

    I’m a devotee of the Sacred Heart and have been to this church quite a lot of times. I live in the South & Sacred Heart in Makati is one of the churches I go to when my family does not hear mass at our parish. I love how solemn this church is – as if every prayer will be heard. I also like its location, which is tucked away in one of our big cities.

  12. I’ve never been to this church before. Admittedly, I’m not a religious person and haven’t done the marathon of church visits. This seems like a nice church though.

  13. The church looks beautiful, I love the architecture of the building .

  14. The church is extremely beautiful. You can tell that it has been renovated recently. The Sacred Heart reminds me of the ones I’ve seen in Spanish and Portuguese churches in Europe, but that makes sense. I am always fascinated by church architecture.

  15. Fenrile says:

    I’m not religious but I enjoy visiting those places. Churches are massive and beautiful to visit. This one is really impressive. They always have loads of history, I love visiting historical places

  16. Sabine says:

    I’m so into churches now that we are getting married. This church is beautiful and it’s architecture is wonderful. Our church will be very modern from the inside. This church seems very historical!

  17. Ty says:

    What a beautiful place. I love visiting churches, shrines, cathedrals and other places of worship when I travel and even locally. They are always so beautiful and peaceful.

  18. Wow, the inside of this church looks so beautiful! Nice share.

  19. Tiina A says:

    Beautiful church! It’s modern outside yet so beautifully made inside. I always try to visit churches while travelling new places. The atmosphere is soothing and so much to see in them.

  20. What a beautiful church! I’ve always been such a fan of stained glass windows!

  21. Gemima Cadet says:

    The church looks absolutely beautiful but i cant say i would have gone/or will ever go in there….( i have a weird thing with catholic church…not a lot of good memories)

  22. Yan says:

    The image of the sacred heart at the center is truly striking. The exterior is charming too!

  23. Sharon Lin says:

    What a beautiful church, and great photos! Thanks for sharing, and hopefully I’ll have the chance to visit someday!

  24. I love the fact that you blog about different churches! It’s a new thing for me and I appreciate your effort. Not everyone appreciates churches’ architecture when in fact they are one of the prettiest. 🙂

  25. Lux G. says:

    Wow. I stayed in Makati for 2 years but never got to visit. Sayang. The place is magnificent.

  26. Zwitsy says:

    I like the structure of the church. I am sure most of the time, a choir is set upstairs. I always want to attend mass where a choir is set to sing all the songs for that day. If only that is available here in Negros…

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