Santuario Del Santo Cristo Parish In San Juan Manila

Going back to our Manila Pilgrimage tour, after visiting the Manila Cathedral and also after taking our lunch, we headed to our fourth destination which is in San Juan Manila. The Santuario Del Santo Cristo or the San Juan Del Monte Church is another old church in Manila that holds a Holy Door. Actually, this church made our trip a lot more  meaningful as one of their representatives somehow oriented us and taught us the real meaning of this pilgrimage.IMG_0214tThe facade of Santuario Del Santo Cristo Parish.  It is very interesting to note that the church also act as a shrine and also houses a convent for Dominican priests. The first church was established in 1602 but much like other old churches, this building went through a lot of restoration and renovation as well.  It was utterly destroyed during the Chinese  insurrection in 1639, destroyed again during the British invasion in 1763 and also during the reign of the Spanish empire.
20160724_140609_Richtone(HDR)tThe church has a very huge historical significance! It once served as a shelter by Katipuneros during the 1898 Philippine Revolution. The image of Santo Cristo was brought here in 1641 and it came from the monestery of Intramuros and was venerated in Binondo Church. The shrine started to gain popularity and devotions started to spread in nearby communities after numerous miracles were reported and this is also the reason why they earned the name “Santuario del Santo Cristo”. Again, this parish started out as a shrine but was elevated in a Parish status and was canonically erected on May 3, 1942.20160724_131007_Richtone(HDR)tThe church was recognized as a Historic Structure by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP), with a cast-iron plaque that was issued and placed in 1937.20160724_131124_Richtone(HDR)tOne of the Twin belltowers of the parish. In 1977, out of many proposals, the concept made by  Architect Lorenzo del Castillo was chosen. The concept retained the appearance of the old facade.   Both towers were linked by two arches, surmounted by a shrine containing a cross. Interestingly, some of the stones from the old church were used to build the facade as well.20160724_135029_Richtone(HDR)tI recently learned that this portion of the church is called “Narthex20160724_131139_Richtone(HDR)tThere are several niches in the facade that features concrete statues from different Dominican Saints.20160724_131158_Richtone(HDR)tThe Church’s nave. You’ll find 16 stained glass windows on the side depicting the fourteen Stations of the Cross, Our Lady of the Rosary and the Dominican saints Thomas Aquinas, Albert the Great and Vincent Ferrer.20160724_134015_Richtone(HDR)tThe ceiling was intricately designed too! They said that they are made from Narra.20160724_131237_Richtone(HDR)t
The semi-dome on top of the main altar (they called it exedra) depicts the image of the Resurrected Christ20160724_133957_Richtone(HDR)ytThe main altar enshrines the image of Santo Cristo but it is not clear whether it is the original image brought from Binondo. 20160724_134645_Richtone(HDR)tThe Convent20160724_134742_Richtone(HDR)tThe thick buttresses. This is also the way to their Adoration Chapel and Columbarium and Conventual cemetery.

Activities for Pilgrims.
For Activities, you may refer to your Pilgrim’s Passport. This might include prayer for the departed souls,Confessions and prayer for the devotion of Santo Cristo.

20 thoughts on “Santuario Del Santo Cristo Parish In San Juan Manila”

  1. Nina says:

    That church is beautiful and has some interesting history to it for sure. Thanks for sharing!


  2. ROBERT LEE says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, this is the church located on… N. Domingo, going to San Juan, the backroad leading to P. Guevarra, right? It is across a school, both corner lots?

    If so, I pass by that church almost every school day when I was taking my kids to school. Unfortunately, I never had a chance to stop. Look at that wonder. I say wonder because that is a very old church that is not frequented by tourists. Most go to Intramuros.

    1. Nipa says:

      It is actually on Blumentritt street corner Bonifacio st. Aquinas school is within the church grounds and across the street on the Bonifacio side is the Dominican College. It’s a walking distance from where I live. Whenever my friends come to visit, they are in awe, especially in the late afternoon or early evening.

  3. Nilyn says:

    I really admire your passion the visit as many churches as you can and share the wonderful photos 2 us online. These churches are really wonderful and old. They are a heritage not to mention that we have lots of these churches here in the Philippines that the tourists can really admire and enjoy

  4. What a beautiful Church, I love the structure of this church and also it looks like a decade na… di pa yata ako ipinanganak buhay na tong church. Church is very important for us because it is our spiritual home.

  5. lex says:

    this building looks so amazing, when i see such architectural designs i marvel at the wonder given to church buildings. our faith, our life, our hope. thanks for always reminding me of my faith…

  6. This is beautiful. I love visiting churches but the interiors of this church is very different from the ones i have visited or seen. I love the look of it. Thanks for the share.

  7. Cheryle says:

    So fond of churches!! First time to encounter paintings sa apse ng church. Never been here but I’d love to!

  8. it just never fails me to be astonished when seeing structures like this. They were made from a time, where there is no hi-tech equipment yet.. and probably those stone texture is done by hands.. They are such awesome builders…

  9. The facade of the church is beautiful. I had no idea that there were churches in the Philippines in the 1600s. And how nice that they reused some of the stones from the old church. But what is the Pilgrim’s Passport?

  10. Kerr Quevedo says:

    This is so wow. I didn’t know there’s a lot like this in Manila. I also love the architecture like it’s so precious especially having aged through the years. It makes you wanna appreciate it more.

  11. Vlad Vaida says:

    Oh wow! For a second I thought this is Italy. Manila has such wonderful places! Also great architecture!

  12. Jen Bave says:

    I love old churches! Mind you, I am not a catholic but I appreciate how most all of your churches crafted beautifully and old gracefully. Sometimes whenever I get a chance to visit one for an event or occasion, I feel overwhelmed and blessed.

  13. I am a devoted Christian and I love…Love this post. I am always fascinated with the architectural of cathedrals. They are beautiful with absolutely beautiful history. Looking forward to reading your next post. Have tweeted this and will share on my FB 🙂

  14. Zwitsy says:

    I really love to visit this kind of structures as this gives me something to think of such as its role way back centuries ago. If this can only talk, sure it has so many things to share particularly for those who love to hear stories. 🙂

  15. A shrine and a convent? That is pretty incredible and the facade is truly something special.

  16. The photos you’ve captured are so beautiful. I really love how architecture ages and becomes more iconic as the years go by.

  17. Eloise says:

    Great summary/info, very interesting, I love learning about old churches. Ever since my near death experience I’ve felt very close to the spiritual side of life, it’s amazing!

  18. Carola says:

    Beautiful again. I really love stained glass windows. They always so beautiful. And this church looks wonderful. The stained glass windows are great. Love the photos.

  19. Funny that most of us would even go as far as Tarlac and Pampanga or even farther than those churches to recite the Way of the Cross and complete the Visita Iglesia when we have so many equally beautiful churches within the Metro. Thank you for sharing this. The outside is a real beauty. I just cant understand its interior’s theme as there are chandeliers and then narra, even stained glass windows and bricks. But then, its still beautiful.

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