ToyConPH 2017 + PopLife FanXperience ~ Part 1 : TOYS! #ToyConPH2017

IMG_0958tgToyCon 2017 concluded last Sunday with a blast! This was my second time to attend such convention and it never failed to bring the inner geeky kid in me! ToyCon is an annual pop culture event here in the Philippines that gathers hard core toy collectors, otakus, video gamers, cosplayers and fans together. This year marked its 16th anniversary and their 2nd year partnership with Poplife FanXperience that made the event even grander and bigger!  The Asian Comics, Toys and Hobbies Collective Inc has partnered with FanXperience to deliver the best pop culture in Asia, focusing on timing and relevance. Much like their previous conventions, the event will still showcase a huge collection all types of comics, toys, movies, animation, games and special memorabilia (either for sale or for exhibit purposes). Much like what they did last year (Check My First ToyConExperience), ToyConPh2017 featured celebrity attendees for die hard fans of both local and international personalities.

Last year, the highlights were the 25ft tall Voltes V replica in celebration of its 40th anniversary, the Encantadia cast and a bunch of international celebrities including Kristian Nairn (Hodor of GOT), Dean Cain (Superman) and more. This year, they offered an equally surprising list of interational guests including Karen Fukuhara (Katana of Suicide Squad), Kevin Mcnally of Pirates of the Caribbean, Stefan Kapicic (Colossus of Deadpool) and a whole lot more. Liza Soberano who was recently revealed as the next Darna also made an appearance along with launch of Mars Ravelo Comics Statues. They also invited some of the popular Filipino YouTubers and Social Media influencers too! So without any further ado, this is going to be a picture-filled post showcasing some of the greatest toys and booths from the event.

Giant NBA Figures
If you were there last year, you will probably remember them!  We spotted these four NBA Giant figures near the reception area. With the features like huge head and limbs, these are notably created by Cool Rain Studios.  Cool Rain is a South Korean artist who notably designed a set of very distinctive toy art including these NBA collectible toys!
IMG_0785tA huge replica of Burning Gundam
IMG_0788tA huge replica of SD Gundam
IMG_0793tWe also spotted some Giant and life-sized Marvel figures including the Hulk. Guess what, these figures are not just for display purposes, they are for sale too. If you got 660,000, you can get this Marvel Officially licensed Hulk statue

Thor, Rocket Raccoon and Groot
IMG_0810tSome shots from  Pinoy Lego User Group booth.
IMG_0817tLast year they feature Hiddy Kinoshita and this time, it’s Ron English and his Popaganda featuring the Oversized Ronald Mcdonalds
IMG_0842tThe overweight Mcdonald Figure by Ron English

One of the highlights of ToyCon 2017 are the official licensed statues of Mars Ravelo‘s iconic comics characters including Captain Barbell, Lastikman, Valentina and Darna!

We also got the chance to try this entertaining Darna Card Game. It is officially entitled Mars Ravelo’s Darna: Ang Nawawalang Bato. The gameplay was very easy yet quite tricky and the goal is to find the  missing stone. The person who find the stone is encouraged to shout Darna!
IMG_0819tFunko Pop toys!
IMG_0821tSome interesting custom toys from sFBi booth
IMG_0829tLast year, the event featured a Limited Edition Voltes V vinyl figure from Mindstyle and Toei Company, now, they offer the same 22inch battle variant version of Daimos!

We may not have a 25ft tall Voltes V figure this year but we got this huge replica of Imperial Assault from Star Wars
IMG_0879tt Ghostrider

Aquaman, Deadshot and Baby Groot
Also from Ravelo’s Komiks Booth are some Mars Ravelo memorabilia
IMG_0898tStar Wars Collection from Pinoy Star Wars Kolektors (collection from Edzel Rebamontan
IMG_0902tToys from Pinoy Batman Kolektors (Collection from Ian Cruz)
IMG_0907tOptimus Prime
IMG_0912tWonder woman inspired dolls by Matto Garcia
IMG_0938tSome dolls from Doll Arch
IMG_0942tCoca Cola Bottle collections
IMG_0977tWolverine vs Hulk
IMG_0987tA female Loki by Arigatoys
collage4 She-hulk, Ant Man and Darth Vader
IMG_0996t Captain America
IMG_1004tBlack Panther
IMG_1012tThere are make-up sessions too!
IMG_1014tMatrix APU
IMG_1016tI also spotted this cute drone which is apparently the world’s smallest drone!
IMG_1019tDuterte Bubblehead
IMG_1028tGundam inspired booth by Microcosmic Arts and Crafts (M.A.C). MAC is a company founded by Engr. Jose Israel B, Resurreccion which mainly caters items like miniature terrains and figurines that are mostly inspired from Medieval era. They got bigger booth this time and their small village is now adorned with Gundam figures

Sorry, there’s just too many to share from this 3-day event so I decided to divide them into two different parts. The second part will focus more on the cosplayers, activities and of course, the local and international celebrities.

For the mean time, feel free to watch this video below

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