Back To Baguio: Things To Do When Visiting Wright Park and The Mansion

We are in Baguio  but surprisingly, the heat is becoming intolerable. We still have to follow our itinerary and after a quick church visit (Check : Saint Joseph the Worker Parish), we headed to another popular spot in Wright Park. I spent too much time here last year so it was not really exciting for me anymore but my top priority here is my mom who seemingly enjoyed our trip.
20161218_112927tMuch like the Burnham Park and the Botanical Garden (Check Botanical Garden), Wright Park is another attraction in Baguio which is freely accessible in general public and is often crowded too. Wright Park is located at the eastern part of the city which features are a shallow elongated rectangular body of water known as the “Pool of Pines” . There is a park circle on one end and the “Mansion” on the other.20161218_130931tThe Wright Park is probably known for having an area merely dedicated for horses and there are so much activities here where you can take part of (Check : A Trip To Baguio : Wright Park and The Mansion).

“Horseback Riding”
Like I said, Wright Park offers a huge area of land dedicated to horses. From the Park Circle, you’ll find a wide stairways made from stone which descends to the area where horses and ponies can be rented. Horseback riding rates in Wright Park could be very costly though. 30 minutes horseback riding is cost Php200 while an hour will cost you Php300. It’s a great experience though and it’s not everyday that you spot an overwhelming about of ponies and horses in one place. Picture taking with horses will cost you Php20-50 (unlimited shots with your phone) but if you want it to be professionally taken, you can get a service of Php150 and you’ll get a photo souvenir in return.

“A Photo Op With Saint Bernard Dog”
Horses are not the only stars of Wright Park, here you will also spot a bunch of Saint Bernard dogs who are very much willing to pose with you! These well trained and super tame dogs will not show any sign of harm despite of their huge size. Look at this dog (images above) who even sports a cool eye glasses. For Php50, you can have more than 5 pictures taken from your camera or phone!
“Buy Flowers, Bonsai and Cactus”
There are areas in Wright Park where you can appreciate those colorful ornamental plants. These wide range of colorful flowers and plants on pot are for sale which makes it a perfect item for greenthumbs. Cactus plants and Bonsai are also available which are very ideal display for either your porch or your coffee table.

“Picnik and Exploring The Wright Park Circle”
The Park Circle is more like the heart of the Wright Park. There are so many interesting attractions to discover including this rustic elevated platform. You can embrace the picture-esque scenes and marvel those luscious greens on the park. You can also bring your own food and set up a picnic space somewhere but just make sure to observe the cleanliness in the area.
“Don’t Miss These Funny 3D Photo Stand-ins”
You can also rent Igorot Costumes in Wright Park and much like the rates in Botanical Garden (Check : Botanical Garden), the costumes can be rented for Php20. Or better yet, you can also try these funny 3D photo stand-ins. I don’t know if they offer this for free in case you will not wear anything but we got there, someone offers me to wear a head gear for Php20 (which I personally think quite overpriced for a single Igorot head costume but I paid him anyway)

“Food Tripping”
You will never tun out of place to it when you are in Wright Park. Just along the road, you’ll find a bunch of food market, each offers different specialties. My mom and I went to Ketchup Food Community and we were greeted by an overwhelming crowd that we had to wait and bear such long queue just to get our tables.20161218_123551tKetchup Food Community is composed of many different restaurants that offers different cuisine. Rancho Norte offers Filipino dishes, Happy Tummy offers Thai Cuisine , Rumah Sate caters Indo-Malaysian dishes, Green Pepper offers gourmet while Canto are for pizza and burgers. My mom and I was supposed to eat in Rancho Norte but settling down with Rumah Sate due to the large crowd at Rancho. The photo above is one of their menu ~ the Sate Babi (grilled pork belly marinated in Indonesian soy sauce)

20161218_112613t“The Pool Of Pines”
A trip to Wright Park will not be completed without marveling the beauty of the so-called “Pool of Pines“.  The shallow pool is surrounded by colorful flowers on both sides. Last time I went here, the pool was adorned by sunflowers but this time, it was adorned by these red flowers.IMG_1824tBoth side of the access road beside the pool are surrounded by tall pine trees (thus it is called Pool of Pines) provides a scenic view! As you can see, the pool of pines is just few walks away from another popular land mark in Baguio ~ The Mansion
20161218_111343tThe Mansion is another interesting attraction to Baguio and it can be found just accross the Wright Park. The Mansion was built in 1908 for U.S. governor-generals and was destroyed in 1945 during the battle for the liberation of the Philippines. It was rebuilt in 1947 and has become a place where various President stayed in when they come up to Baguio for their official visits and engagements. The elaborate main gate of the Mansion is said to be a replica of that at Buckingham Palace in London. However, much like the Malacañang Palace, the place is not accessible to General Public but they can enter the gate and a small portion in front of the wonderfully landscape area of the mansion.

“Learn the History”
The Mansion has nothing really much to offer but it could be one short educational trip. Located in front of the  gate are historical markers that allow you to learn the historical significance of this place. Did you know that this mansion was the site of first meeting of the South East Asia Union which was popularly known as the Baguio Conference of 1950 which was conceived and convened by President Elpidio Quirino?

“Marvel The Beauty of The Mansion’s Landscape”
20161218_111224tWe visited the place last December so the place was wonderfully adorned with Christmas decorations and is surrounded by those beautiful poinsettia flowers. We even spotted a life sized Belen too
20161218_112124t“Try The Sagada Oranges”
Okay, we’re not in Sagada but by the time you reached the gate, you will be greeted by many vendors and most of them are selling these huge Sagada Oranges.  They are a bit pricey compare to the typical oranges but it’s worth it. We bought a kilo of these oranges and we planned to bring it home but we ended up eating them all in the road haha.

Things You Should Know Before Going To The Wright Park And The Mansion
►There is NO Entrance Fee to Wright Park
►Wright Park is pet friendly
►The Wright Park is named after its architect Governor Luke E. Wright who ordered architect Daniel Burnham to build the place with recreational facility for American soldiers and civilians.
►Horseback Riding Rates in Wright park (Php200/30 mins – Php300/1hr)
►Photo Opp with Horses in Wright Park – Php50/ Unlimited shots
►Photo Opp with Saint Bernard Dog in Wright Park Php50/ Unlimited Shots
►Photo Opp with Souvenirs (horses or Bernard Dog) – Php150
►It could be very hot so bring water and comfortable clothes
►Clean restrooms are available (Php5 Maintenance fee)
►The front gate and a small portion of the Mansion is freely accessible
►There are people near the mansion selling commemorative badges

How to Get to the Wright Park and The Mansion
►Going to Baguio has never a hassle anymore. There are so many transit buses in the Metro that will take you directly to Baguio (Victory Liner and Genesis buses are two of the common bus companies that offers buses bound to the Summer capital of the Philippines. It is going to be 5-7 hours long travel and a one way ride may cost you up to Php450 or above. All places in Baguio can now be reached via jeepney or tricycle.
►You can either take Mines View via Mansion or Pacdal bound jeepneys and ask the driver to drop you off the Mansion or Wright Park

Where to stay in Baguio
► There are many places to stay while in Baguio. There are many transient houses, budget hotels and even a bedspace. This will depend on your budget but based on my own experiences, it is really ideal to book your stay ahead. I got most of bookings at TravelBookPH (due to the great discounts I usually get from them). You can check this List of Hotels In Baguio for your budget-friendly guide!

After the Mansion, we went to another popular spot in Baguio which is just one ride away from the Park, the Mines View! I’ll post more about this awesome destination in Baguio in my next post!

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