[ FOOD ] RUINS Food Market By Las Tiendas in Cavite City

From the organizers behind the successful Las Tiendas in Kawit (Check : Kawit by Night & Las Tiendas) comes another food market soon to rise here in Cavite City ~ The Ruins. They just had their soft opening last Friday (March 24).
20170324_180749tThe Ruins is located in Samonte Park, PN Cavite City. It is situated just beside the Cavite City Hall , the former location of  Patio Encarnation. Much like the Las Tiendas in Kawit, Ruins is also a food market composed of different merchants but this one is special on its own right as it follows a certain theme.20170324_173526tThe Food Market is aptly named Ruins because of its notable rustic atmosphere which is seemingly inspired from a much more established “Cafe by the Ruins” restaurants. Once you enter the place, you will be welcomed by these wooden tables and benches. The decorative lights are very much eye catching too.20170324_180522tThe White-washed walls, the breeze coming from the sea side, the luscious greens are just complimenting well to each other.
Inside the Ruins is a more spacious area to dine. It offers an equally refreshing atmosphere. 20170324_173922tHere you will find more merchants but since this is just a soft opening I expected to see few but I’m sure these numbers will eventually grow. I have learned that some of the merchants here also have their own branches in Las Tiendas in Kawit.20170324_173856tRight now, they are looking for more merchants

The Merchants So Far

20170324_174321tThe first pair of merchants to welcome you caters refreshers. Brewlala offers wide variety of drinks both hot and cold. They got Iced tea, Frappes and Coffee!20170324_174342tAnd even Fresh fruit shakes too!
20170324_174259tOn the other side is another merchant catering fresh juices infused with real fruits
20170324_174413tTacos and Nachos
20170324_174455tD’Bez Style Shawarma20170324_174703t20170324_174735tCongee20170324_174810tTokwa’t Baboy20170324_175119tAnd there goes my fresly cooked Shawarma20170324_175404t20170324_175802tThe Ruins by Las Tiendas is strategically located in a place that often gets crowded and it is so nice that we finally have a new place to hang out with.  With affordable foods and cozy ambiance, it is definitely a thumbs up for me!

Ruins by Las Tiendas is open every Tuesdays to Sundays From 3PM to 12 MN

What Are the Other things That Could Make this Food Market more inviting?
►More Merchants with unique products
►Wider food options (It would be nice to see a diverse of foods from different international cuisines)
►Concerts or musicians by night

Allow me to give you a quick video tour to Ruins By Las Tiendas, feel free to watch the video below (and don’t forget to subscribe *wink)

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