White House Bistro 1938 – An Ancestral House Turned Restaurant in Liliw, Laguna

We were able to visit 14 beautiful churches in Laguna few weeks ago and we decided to have our lunch in Liliw. Although we do not have any particular place in mind to dine in, this beautiful ancestral house quickly caught our attention. Located just few walks away from the Liliw Church (Check: Saint John the Baptist Parish in Liliw), the White House Bistro 1938 has become one of the popular tourist destinations in the historical town.
As what the title connotes, White House Bistro was an ancestral house built in 1938 that was recently turned into a Filipino cuisine restaurant. It was formerly known as Juan Polistico Mansion and still being owned and operated by the Polistico – Chef Christian Villegas Polistico and his wife Marriane Polistico. Interestingly, Polistico is a popular clan in Liliw, Laguna. Some of which are known in politics and other fields. They are not really new in the restaurant industry either. For instance, the popular Rural Kitchen in Liliw is also owned by a Polistico. In fact, there is a huge painting in their resto showcasing the exact White house.


From being a well-preserved ancestral house, Chef Christian and his wife decided to convert the place into a Filipino cuisine restaurant in 2015. While most restaurants today are attempting to modernize their facilities, the White House Bistro 1938 managed to convert the building into a restaurant without compromising its heritage value and the overall structure remains the same.

The signature white and red color scheme will surely turn heads. It has some upper-class Spanish vibes to it that provides you with some classy dining experience. The visually appealing exterior is complemented with some ornamental plants and some well-fitting old-school designs and details.

The White House


The restaurant welcomes you to a beautiful interior that will surely take you back in time. It’s exactly what you imagine an ancestral house would look like. However, instead of a living room, the customers will be greeted by wooden tables and chairs. The entire second floor of the former mansion are converted into different dining rooms that can accommodate a decent number of visitors. We were warmly greeted by their staff and personally assisted by Mrs Marriane.

Ms Marriane and her staff

The rooms are filled with many old set of furniture from antique cabinet to some old paintings and mirrors. There is even a grandfather clock too. There is even a large portrait on the wall of who I believe is Mrs Felidelidad Polistico, the grand matriarch of the house where all the heirloom recipes of Rural Kitchen were inspired from.

A grandfather clock


Another beautiful spot in the resto


One of the rooms with an elevated dining area


Another adjacent room that overlooks the staircase that leads to the kitchen. They said that there are hidden passages here that leads you to other areas of the house.

The beverage area and a pasalubong corner
Unique staircase. One that leads you down to the kitchen area and comfort room. This area is not accessible to customers though. You have to go outside to access the restroom

Our group preparing to order.


Photo op while waiting for our meals

The Food

The White House Bistro 1938, similar to Rural Kitchen is specializing on authentic Filipino cuisine.
Ms Marriane told us that one of their best sellers is their Crispy Pata (Php870 per order)
Pancit Lucban (Php280)
Pork Sisig (Php240)
Lumpiang Shanghai (Php240)
Longanisang Lucban (Php280)
Laing (Php180)
Fried Chicken (Php550)
Bangus Sisig (Php300)

Note: I am not connected or affiliated with the restaurant and the prices indicated above are subject to change without prior notice.

The restaurant also offers authentic Filipino desserts like Suman, Puto Bumbong, and Palitaw.
An absolute photo-worthy restaurant

You can follow them on their official webpage at – White House Bistro 1930 of Liliw, Laguna 

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