A Day Trip In Tanay : The Batlag Falls

The beauty of Daranak Falls is something to marvel, the Batlag Falls is more enchanting and seemingly magical. While most of my group were enjoying Daranak, I decided to visit another hidden secret of Tanay, the Batlag Falls which is interesting located on the same site. The Batlag is literally just above the Daranak Falls but you have to pay a separate entrance fee which is higher than what we paid to enter Daranak but its really worth it!
IMG_0818tIMG_0815tMuch like Daranak, the trail going to Batlag is no longer a challenge. You will be greeted with cemented pathway towards the site. From there, you will find a bunch of cottages in case you want to stay there instead in Daranak. For me, Batlag Falls is truly a sight to behold and I have many reasons to prove why. First of all, the place isn’t really crowded unlike Daranak.IMG_0819tThe water here is obviously clearer and the entire atmosphere is very serene. The trees, the rock formation, the clear blue water will make you feel like you are living in such imaginary world that are commonly depicted in your favorite fantasy tales. It is indeed magical and it is not really surprising, why many movies and tv series (especially fantasy genre) were choosing Batlag falls as their shooting location.IMG_0829tThere are two waterfalls in Batlad. Each of them has their own catch basin but they are notably not as deep as the one in Daranak falls.IMG_0836tThe one on the left is quite narrower and has an unusual configuration but the catchbasin is truly something you can marvel. I can’t help but to be amazed by the clear blue water underneath the waterfalls.
IMG_0839tIMG_0839tIMG_0855tYou must be very cautious however because the flooring is not as smooth as the others. It was quite rough and there were huge boulders jutting out.
IMG_0858tIMG_0862tThe larger waterfall, on the other hand, notably has a veil-like formation and the water has a different shade of color compare to the other one. This one has a shade of blue and green. IMG_0865tThe balete tree and those mini islets inside the pool made the place look more serene and somehow enchanting. We were told that GMA’s Encantadia used to pick this location for their production. IMG_0868t
IMG_0872tIMG_0876tIMG_0885tIMG_0893tIMG_0899tStream of water coming from the pool of the Batlag waterfalls
IMG_0903tIMG_0911tIMG_0927tBatlag Falls is truly a paradise to me and I’m glad I didn’t hesitate to visit this place during our recent trip in Tanay. The town really has so many great wonders to offer! The trip to Batlag Falls concluded our day tour but here are the things you might need to know or consider before reaching this place

►Batlag Falls is located just above the Daranak Falls
►The Trail going to Batlag is very manageable because of the cemented pathway
►You can rent lifebuoys (Salbabida) in Batlag for Php50-100
►The Batlag falls entrance fee is Php100 for Adults and Php50
►Unlike Daranak, people can do overnight stay in Batlag for Php200
►You are allowed to bring foods but please observe cleanliness and be responsible for your trashes (do not litter)
►Take note that you still have to pay for the Php 50 entrance fee for Daranak since it is the only way going to Batlag (that means you need to pay Php150 for a day visit – Php50 for Daranak and 100 for Batlag)
►You can rent cottages for less than Php500 and Php200 for tables
►A sari-sari store can be found near the entrance to Batlag

How to Get to Daranak Falls Via Public Transport
►From Starmall (EDSA Shaw), you can ride an FX van bound to Tanay. This will drop you off to Tanay Public Market. From there, you can ride a tricycle that will bring you to Daranak falls (The only way to access the Batlag falls). The tricyle fee is 200Php which is already good for 4 person.

Where to Stay in Tanay

In case you are planning to stay in Rizal for a day or two, you can check the list of affordable and “budgetarian” Hotels in the link below!

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  • May 16, 2018 at 1:13 am

    Hi bluedreamer! Thanks for posting this. I find it really helpful. I would just like to ask about overnight stay at Batlag falls. Do they have cottages where a family can sleep comfortably or do we have to bring tents? Thanks again!


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