Back To Baguio (With Mama) : Burnham Park

Finally, here’s to conclude my Back To Baguio (With Mama) travel series. We ended up our whole day tour by exploring the so called “mother of all parks” in Baguio, the Burnham Park! It’s like Baguio’s counterpart of Luneta of Manila. It was designed and named after Daniel Hudson Burnham. It is generally a very huge park with an overwhelming amount of attractions to visit.
20161218_160354tMy mom and I were actually very tired and exhausted after all that trips we had so we didn’t get the chance to explore the place in full extent but we were able to embrace the beauty of this park and those wonderful scenery.
20161218_155522tBurnham Park covers a huge 32.84 hectares of land which is composed of 12 cluster areas including the Burnham Lagoon, Children Playground, a Skating Rink, Rose Garden, Orchidarium, Igorot Garden, Melvin Jones Grandstand, Baguio Athletic Bowl, Picnic Grove, Japanese Peace Tower, Pine Trees of the World and Sunshine Park. The park is just few walks away from other notable landmarks and restaurants like the Baguio Cathedral, Cafe By The Ruins, and the Baguio City Market.
“Burnham Lagoon”
One of the most popular areas in Burnham park is this man-made lake situtated at the heart of the this huge park. It is the center attractions in Baguio where tourists can actually rent those row boats with interesting shapes and designs. There are swans and other boats that are merely inspired from fairytale and cartoon characters. A boat ride (pedal or row) will cost you Php150 per hour /Php100 for 30 mins and if you know how to operate the boat and you don’t need a rower to guide you, you can actually rent the boat for unlimited time for Php250
20161218_153407t20161218_152921t20161218_152151tThis was actually my first time to see a great amount of willow trees in one place.
“Children Playground”
Not too far from the lagoon is another crowded area, the Children Playground. Here, visitors can rent bikes and scooters. Bike rental will cost you Php40 per hour for BMX and Mountain Bike while Go Kart and Sidecars can be rented for Php50 per hour
20161218_160553Well we didn’t get the chance to explore the other areas in Burnham Park but there’s always a next time right? Generally, my mom and I enjoyed our day tour Baguio trip and I promised to bring her back in this place but in DIY tour and a much longer stay!

How to Get to the Wright Park and The Mansion
►Going to Baguio has never a hassle anymore. There are so many transit buses in the Metro that will take you directly to Baguio (Victory Liner and Genesis buses are two of the common bus companies that offers buses bound to the Summer capital of the Philippines. It is going to be 5-7 hours long travel and a one way ride may cost you up to Php450 or above. All places in Baguio can now be reached via jeepney or tricycle.
►You can take jeepneys bound to this park. From there, you will find different terminals that can actually take you to different Baguio destinations

Where to stay in Baguio
► There are many places to stay while in Baguio. There are many transient houses, budget hotels and even a bedspace. This will depend on your budget but based on my own experiences, it is really ideal to book your stay ahead. I got most of bookings at TravelBookPH (due to the great discounts I usually get from them). You can check this List of Hotels In Baguio for your budget-friendly guide!

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This post concludes my Baguio escapade with my mom and my next travel series will be up real soon. This time, we are exploring the capital of the Philippines, Manila!

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2 thoughts on “Back To Baguio (With Mama) : Burnham Park

  • April 26, 2017 at 1:45 pm

    Was the place really worth travelling? I’ve never been to Baguio before but i’ll be eyeing this place on my future visit! Thanks for sharing Milton.

    • April 26, 2017 at 3:01 pm

      hi there, thanks for dropping by, yup i personally think that Baguio is a great getaway… places are actually quite crowded but still offers a serene and refreshing atmosphere


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