12 Useful Camping Necessities That You May Not Have Thought Of

When you are all dress-up in your camping gear and ready for your camping trips, it is easy to forget items that can easily be overseen but can be the difference between a good or a superb camping experience. Of course, for a better camping experience, you must keep yourself updated about the current weather because it will either help or ruin your camping plans. Check if the weather will be good and ideal for camping for the next two or three days. You can either get updates using a great number of online weather forecast tools or using mobile application.  Using these tools, you can get access to weather information in just a few taps or clicks on your screen. I can personally check the Clarksville weather in Tennessee in an instant even without buying the latest newspaper or tuning in on a radio station.  Listed below are twelve camping necessities that you may have overlooked.

 First Aid Kit

Anything could happen in the bush, from burns to cuts, scratches, and bumps, not to mention the bugs and mosquito bites. Make sure you are taking a first aid kit to keep on hand with the essentials to take on excursions as well.


People often overlook matches when they pack, but without the means to start a fire, the nights are bound to be colder, and you won’t be able to cook your food on the fire or make coffee.


Tarps are excellent for additional shelter or protecting the bottom of your tent. They can be folded and are not using up too much space in your camping bag.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter can be utilized in many ways and has a long shelf-life. It is an excellent source of protein and fat, and you can use it for removing gum from your hair.

Camping Ax

Also referred to as hand axes, these small, portable, and lightweight tools are super versatile to use at camp. You can use it for splitting wood, trimming branches, and chopping firewood. Check out https://campingpursuits.com/best-camping-hatchets-and-axes/ for the best camping hatches and axes available. A camping ax can also be utilized as a mallet or hammer at camp.


A rope has various uses at the campsite, mainly if you know how to make different knots. You can use it as a clothing line, creating a shelter, hanging your coolers at night, or use for towing people out.

Flashlight, Headlamp, And Lantern

You must always have a flashlight and/or lantern at the campsite since you’ll be struggling to find your way in the dark without it.

Utensils And Cooking Essentials

These items are so easy to forget but are indispensable at camp.

Portable Spice Rack

Just because you are in the outdoors, it doesn’t mean your food has to be bland. A small, plastic, and compact spice rack with a few essential spices are hard to break and easy to pack.

 Alternative Weather Clothing

Despite you checking the weather forecasts for weeks before the time and no rain was forecasted, there is always a chance of the weather changing suddenly. With an extra set of clothing, you won’t have to fret about weather fluctuations.

Pocket Knife

Usually referred to as a Swiss army knife, this nifty tool doesn’t take up much space in your bag, and it has numerous tools that you can use while camping.

 Toilet Paper

When the need arises, campers can always opt for pieces of clothing or leaves, but your bathroom trips will be much more comfortable if you’ve remembered to pack toilet paper. Even just one roll can make all the difference.


We do hope that you found this article helpful and that you will use this list as a guideline when packing for your next outdoor adventure.


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