Tips For Safety Biking

Remember what i discussed about effective Cycling. Now here’s another post about biking. Today, i will be sharing 10 safety tip for biking.

☺Be sure the bike’s seat is st the right height and securely fastened.
☺The bell or warning signal is to be used only to tell others of your approach.
☺It  is not advisable to carry a passenger on the back of your bicycle. This overloads your bike; it is not well balanced and it may trip over easily.
☺It is courteous not to drive too fast. Riding at a brisk speed, a rider may knock down or bump into a commuter or bystander.
☺It is safe to keep to the right and to turn at corners slowly.
☺Respect the rights of pedestrians, especially if biking on sidewalk is permitted.
☺Always give pedestrians the right of way .
☺It is not good and safe to hook your bicycle onto another bicycle or any vehicle in motion.
☺Obey traffic lights, traffice signs and road markings.
☺Provide a good refelctor behind your bicycle so it can be seen well at night

    So there you have it. There’s nothing wrong in trying these tips. Have a great day and Happy Cycling.

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