How Do You Sleep on a Long Flight?

Be comfortable and well rested by the time you touch down.

We all love to travel and see new places. No matter the reason we have to travel for, be it a business trip, a vacation or even for a destination wedding, these location are usually far from our homes so, it would involve a bit of flying when you choose air travel.

Going from Amsterdam to Atlanta is a 9 hour flight which is long but there are destinations which are even longer than 9hours but no matter the destination you are headed or the time zone difference, you will need to be as comfortable as possible for the long haul. Now, different airline provide in-fight entertainment like music, movies, for passengers to occupy themselves when on a long flight but the one thing most travelers want is quality sleep when onboard these flights.

Now, when travelling for e.g. over 10 hours, there is the possibility you would exhaust the music and movies options on your in-flight entertainment, even if you decide to read a book, you would eventually need a nap. So, how do you get some quality sleep?

Neck Pillow

The first thing to have is a Neck Pillow. Check out best bed rest pillow here. We all know that the seats on board all airplanes are not designed to aid sleep. So, a way to help be comfortable when sleeping onboard is to get a good neck pillow to make your sleeping position easier since you most likely be seated upright. If you are in first class though it is easier because the provision has been made for your seats to recline into a makeshift bed.

Choose The Right Seat

Another important tip to help you sleep well on a long flight is by choosing the right seat on your flight. This is a crucial factor that will determine how well you sleep on the plane. Try as much as you can to get a window seat. This will give you something to lean on and also you are out of the way of other passengers. i.e. once you are asleep no one has to bother you with their comings and goings. There is also the addition of you been in control of the window shade. There are some seats you should try to avoid like the bulkhead seats or the exit row seats. These seats are attractive because of the extra legroom but the disadvantage is some exit row seats don’t recline while some bulkhead seats armrest cannot be raised. The feeling you get would be like been in a straitjacket all through the flight. Some other seats you have to try and avoid are the last row on the plane for the same reason that the do not recline also and this is in addition to them been close to the bathroom and the plane’s engines. So, you have to contend with noise, odor from the use of the bathroom in addition to the noise from the plane’s engines.

Avoid Caffeine

We all love our cup of coffee in mornings to give us that jolt to wake us up but before a long flight, try and cut down on the caffeine. This is so you will find it easier to sleep if there is no caffeine coursing through your system. During the flight also, try and stick to juice or water when the drinks cart comes through and avoid the caffeine.

Listen To Music

Listening to music is also a great way to relax. Slip on your headphones, recline your seat as much as you can, then get some much needed shuteye. There are a lot of headphones that can be used onboard because not only do they serve as a source for music, but they also aid in the blocking out of noise in the plane like from the engines. Headphones are preferable to ear plugs to use on a plane.

No Disturbance

You can also go the way of notifying your flight attendant that you want to sleep and do not want to be disturbed. This way when the drinks or snack cart comes through, you are sure you would not be awakened plus make sure if you are using a blanket to sleep, buckle your seat belt over the blanket so the flight attendant does not wake you up to do so.

Use Sleep Mask

Another way of getting some good sleep on a plane is by been in the dark. Now, not everyone is going to have their window shades down when it is daylight, but to guard against a sudden flood of light hitting your eyelids and waking you up, use a sleep mask. Some airlines might make this available while some might not. So, make sure you have one in on you while taking a long flight.

More Comfort

Well, another possible way to get some good sleep is to stake your claim on blankets and pillows when you get onboard. There is supposed to be a set on your allotted seat but just in case there isn’t, get the attention of your flight attendant to get you a set. Also make sure your feet is getting a lot of circulation by wearing comfortable shoes which are easy to slip on and off, or if available on the flight, warm socks, which would aid circulation. This way you are comfortable enough to get your much needed sleep.

You can also try taking some prescribed medication if you find that you need it before you can sleep. Please note that it has to be a prescription from a doctor, so you do not cause any harm to yourself.

There you have it. Keep these tips in mind for the next long flight you are taking to any destination you are headed in addition to making sure you are awake by the time the flight lands in wherever you are going. Try and set an alarm maybe with your watch to wake you up like 30-45mins before the plane lands.

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