Papaya Island Cove – A Hidden Paradise in Nasugbu

DSCF2317ttBatangas has so many wonderful beaches to offer. There’s the popular Laiya Beach in San Juan, the Verde Island in Batangas City, Manuel Uy and Burot Beach Resort in Calatagan, Masasa beach in Tingloy, and many more. Not more than two years ago, a new island in Nasugbu, Batangas rapidly became a tourist attraction. Papaya Island Cove is located in Sitio Iba, Barangay Papaya, hence the name. It’s a newly discovered tourist attraction that features crystal clear water, powdery white sand and beautiful unspoiled scenery.

Amphitrite DIY Travel and Tours is organizing a package tour that takes you to this wonderful island in Nasugbu on a regular basis. I was lucky enough to be part of their recent tour few days ago and was able to witness this hidden paradise.
We were dropped off somewhere in Nasugbu-Ternate Highway. The jump off point was just few kilometers from the Kaybiang Tunnel. The image above features boats that pick up passengers from the drop off point to Papaya Island cove and vice versa. The island you can see on the other side is the Patungan Cove and Beach resort.
A floating cottage near the Patungan Beach
On our way to Papaya Island Cove
The Papaya Island is just one of the many islands in Nasugbu. We also encountered many islands and islets along the way and each features different and unique scenery. Some of them were not even listed yet on Google Maps,

The Papaya Island Cove

We were able to reach the Papaya Island Cove in more or less 20-minute boat ride. We were greeted with crystal clear water and powdery sand shore. There were many cottages near the shoreline as well as tents. Since this is a package tour, Amphitrite DIY Travel and Tours took care of everything including our accommodations. We were warmly welcomed by our Tour Coordinator. The cottages however were still occupied by the time we arrived so they let us use their tents for free while waiting for the other guests to leave.

DSCF1927ttWhile we all wait for the other guests to leave (they all came from an overnight stay in the island), we took the opportunity to have our 3-hour long island hopping tour. It actually reminds me of our island hopping experience in Burias, Masbate (Check: Island Hopping in Burias) where Papaya Island is equivalent to Sombrero Island for being the most populated and most commercialized of them all.

Although there are cottages and rooms to rent, the power in the island is still coming from Generators which only run from 6pm til morning. Some rooms have TV set and electric fan too while most cottages have electric outlets on them which visitors can use to charge their phones and gadgets (again, the power supply is only accessible in limited time).

Island Hopping Tour

Our friendly Bangkero (boatman) called us all to start our 3 hour long Island hopping. This is part of the package tour that you can avail from Amphitrite. Supposedly, we should be taken to some of the popular nearby islands in Papaya such as the Elephant Cove and Taytayin Cove but out boatman took us somewhere else for some valid reasons.

Some of the activities you can do during the tour includes Cliff diving and snorkeling.
That’s the island’s butt hahaha. This interesting rock formation can be found between the Sitio Iba (Papaya Island Cove) and Dorado Cove.
DSCF2008tttThe Arkaya Cove! You can also see the peak of Pico De Loro of Maragondon, Cavite from afar.
Balibago Cove
Not too far from the Balibago cove is the so-called Lagoon
The Turtle Island
The boatmen eventually took us to a place called “Pinagdakutan”. Supposedly, this the place where we can snorkel but unfortunately, the water was dominated by hundreds of tiny jellyfish. We did not take any risk so we just asked the bangkero to take us somewhere else instead. It’s a unanimous decision from all of us. It is very interesting to note that you can maximize your island hopping experience within the 3 hour long tour by asking the boatmen to take you to all the popular islands nearby. Elephant Island Cove and the Taytayin Cove are two of the islands you should not missed. If you are lucky enough, you can also witness the giant clams too.
As we went back, I appreciated the view of Lagoon even more. You picturesque view has some Palawan vibes on it. It is actually of the stop-overs but we decided to skip it and asked the boatmen to take us somewhere we can swim.
Gigantic Rock formation everywhere! You can spot many caves too!
The boatmen took us to another side of the Papaya Island Cove.
The place is called “Kay Enteng”. It’s basically a small, uncrowded area near the Papaya Island Cove. People can actually walk from the shoreline of Papaya Island Cove and pass through some rocky path to reach this place. It is more accessible during low tide. The place is called Kay Enteng because the island was literally owned by a guy named Enteng.
We were greeted by crystal clear water and rocky shoreline. Not too far from the shore, you can spot corals which makes the place ideal for snorkeling. If you do not have snorkeling gears, you can either rent from the Papaya Island or even through the boatmen for Php50 to Php150
DSCF2208tDefinitely Instagram-worthy in every angle!
DSCF2238ttttSwimming time!
Did I mention that the place is pet-friendly too?
To satisfy your adventurous spirit, the place is also perfect for cliff-diving
After the 3 hour tour, we went back to Papaya Island Cove for our lunch and to spend our remaining hours before leaving the island.
DSCF2299tIt was low tide that day so even you go a hundred meter away from the shoreline, the water level can only go from knee to hip-high.
DSCF2296ttI was also informed that best time to visit Papaya Island is only during summer. The waves tend to go high from the month of June onward.
It was another interesting summer trip and I appreciate the fact that the island is not as spoiled as the other popular beaches in Batangas. I just hope that residents of Sitio Iba will exert the best of their efforts to maintain the island’s condition.
DSCF2335Otherwise, we might be losing the chance to see these wonderful creatures nearby the shore of Papaya!

Things You Should Know Before Visiting Papaya Island Cove

►Papaya Island Cove is located in Sitio Iba, Barangay Papaa in Nasugbu
►Once you arrived in their jump-off point in Nasugbu-Ternate Highway, some locals will approach you to arrange your tour.
►Cottages are available with prices ranging from Php2000 to Php4000 depending on the size and capacity.
►There are many stores within the island. You can buy all kinds of meat, ice, soda, and many others.
►You can also ask some locals to cook the meal for you for Php300
►Yes, the island is open for overnight stay. You can have tents but you still have to pay either for a cottage or table ranging from Php1500 and above.
►Gears like snorkels, buoys and tents can be rented
►Comfort rooms are everyone and they are mostly free
►For island hopping tour, each passenger should pay Php250 for the 3-hour-long trip. Of course, it should come in group depending on the boat capacity.
►There’s also an option for a minor trek in Mt Manukpok

How to Get Here

I am not fully aware of the direction but the place is just few meters away from the Kaybiang Tunnel. For a hassle-free trip, you can just book a tour with Amphitrite DIY Travel and Tours. Papaya Island Tour is one of their regular summer offerings which is available for DayTour and Overnight for only Php999 and Php1,899 respectively.

The package includes almost everything from Van Trasnfer (Manila-Port-Manila), Boat Transfer Port-Sitio Iba-Port, Cottage, Entrances, life vests, tour guide fees and all other activities. You can also add Php130 for a boodle-fight lunch along with other tourists from your group.

You can contact them on their official Page (Amphitrite DIY Travel and Tours) for inquiries. They also cater other tours too so better check their page for more updates.
Prices may vary without prior notice

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