Best Naked Bike Modifications for Touring

Finding the right setup for your motorcycle means understanding what you want to do when you take a ride. For those interested in using their bikes to see more of the world, this means understanding how far you’re willing to ride and how many days you’ll be out. Then, you can look at your options for cheap motorcycle parts and see what works for your needs and budget. Whether you’re looking to outfit for day trips or cross-country sightseeing tours, here are three categories you can’t miss shopping for upgrades in.
MT-09 SP_0

1. Storage

This is one of the easiest modifications to plan for a naked bike because you can easily trade up when you need more and adding or subtracting storage is easy enough you can reconfigure your bike to go between day trip mode and serious road tripping. Adding the right hard storage containers and saddlebags means being able to buy souvenirs, carry a lunch, or even bundle enough gear to comfortably camp out while you are on the road.

2. Batteries

It’s extremely common for touring riders to rely on their motorcycle’s electric system for more than just running the bike. If you’re going to be out for hours at a time, you might need to tap into it to charge devices or even to run your lighting system to provide the light you need to do other things. A performance motorcycle battery can make meeting those needs easier, and it also helps when you need more power to cope with environmental stressors on the machine.

3. Protection

You never know what’s going to come at you when you’re on a long ride, so adding radiator guards and other protective mods means being ready for whatever the road throws at you. It can make the difference between riding home and having to come back to fish your motorcycle out of a repair shop in a lot of cases.

Remember, modifications are a small part of riding. Shop for OEM bike parts you can use as quick replacements if something breaks down too, so you can take care of small repairs while you are on the road.

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