5 Reasons Why You Should Plan a Trip to Jeju, South Korea

Jeju, a volcanic island, lying just south of the mainland which was formed round about two million years ago is an excellent place to tick off your list of most desirable holiday destinations. The island is relatively small with dreamlike landscapes and astounding nature, no wonder this island with its white sandy beaches, fresh seafood and wild horses was listed among the seven new wonders of nature.

Here Are Five More Reasons Why You Must Think About Planning A Trip To Jeju:

1.One of a Kind Culture

Jeju has a unique culture which dates back for centuries. The stone-carved grandfather statue which was made in 1774 is the symbol of Jeju and is seen all over. The Korean leader demanded the islanders to make forty-eight of them and since then they have grown into the face of the island. Another distinctive feature of Jeju is the six thousand lady divers (aged at an average of seventy-five) that goes out to sea and catch fish with their bare hands.


2.Volcano Dreamland

The island comprises of plus-minus 350+ volcanoes of which none is active. Everywhere you go, you can still see remainders of a volcano and ninety-five percent of all stones and rocks are made from lava, as you can see the distinctive natural holes and dark colors present on the surface of the stones. This is one of the many reasons why visitors decide to do a booking on the Hong Kong Express to visit this extraordinary island with its craters, hiking trails, beautiful nature scenes, and rich culture. It is an experience like no other.

3.Relaxed Atmosphere

The island has only six hundred thousand residents. No matter where you go, the ambiance on Jeju island is laid-back, and everything happens at a slower pace. There is no overbearing traffic or honking horns, which is quite refreshing and a wonderful place to escape and enjoy the peacefulness and tranquility.

4.Outdoor Pursuits

If you’re a fan of trekking and hiking, then you’ve come to the right place. The natural landscape, the remnants of volcanoes, valleys, and beautiful mountains, provides a magnificent setting for taking a hike in the outdoors.  The finest way to explore the island of Jeju and fully appreciate the splendor of its surroundings is by foot. For people who love the ocean, there is a scuba diving excursion to admire the exclusive red and pink corals.

5.The Perfect Romantic Setting

Jeju is among the most well-liked honeymoon destinations among foreigners and Koreans. This island is the perfect romantic getaway with a host of delightful coffee shops, stores, restaurants, and the Love land theme park. This island destination is in such high demand that the daily flights from Seoul to Jeju are ranked the highest among any two destinations worldwide. The reasons mentioned above are just covering a fraction of why you’ll fall in love with the island of Jeju. The pre-eminent way to really appreciate and understand what makes this place such a unique and charming holiday destination is to book a trip and experience it for yourself.

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