Top 10 Christmas Attractions Near and Within The Metro To Visit This Holiday!!

We are only two months away from the much awaited Holiday of the year! Now is the perfect time to bring your family or invite your friends to visit those colorful Christmas attractions near the Metro. Now that Christmas is nearly approaching, it is not really surprising that those Christmas-related gimmicks are starting to emerge. Philippines is known for having the longest Holiday season which usually starts around September and will conclude on the first week of January in celebration with the Three Kings. We can start hearing those Holiday songs as soon as the “ber” month begins while Christmas parties and other celebrations are in full swing during these period.  Take advantage of your Holiday vacation and make sure to visit at least one (or better yet all) of these Christmas attractions near or within the Metro.

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Policarpio Street In Mandaluyong City
Every holiday season, this particular street in Mandaluyong is illuminating with colorful flickering lights and adorned with flamboyant Christmas decorations. It has become a tradition for the residence of Policarpio Street to decorate their houses in a grandest way! It all started with Mrs Norma Lim’s house and the small Belen she placed on her garden. It soon started to grab attention until it became a tourist attraction. Now, every families of Policarpio Street celebrates the Holiday season by decorating and illuminating their houses and garden with overwhelming amount of Christmas lights and displays. Dubbed as “Paskong Pasko sa Policarpio” , the street alone managed to draw more than a hundred thousand visitors from all over the country making it as one of the famous Christmas Destinations in the metro! Policarpio will turn the lights on usually during the last week of November.
Entrance Fee : FREE

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Snow World At Star City in Pasay

[UPDATE] : Unfortunately, Snow World was one of the attractions that is utterly damaged by Fire few months ago]

Being on a tropical country, we are always dreaming to experience that “White Christmas” which is naturally impossible but the Snow World Attraction in Star City will turn these dreams into a reality. In partnership with Winter Wonderland Entertainment, Star City will take you to a very unique attraction which allows visitors to experience winter forever! The attraction is open daily regardless of the season! It features various ice sculptures and brags their Ice Slide which is considered as the biggest one in the country. The slide is about 68 meters long and the place is under 15 degree Celsius cold (yes you can literally see your freezing breath much like those in the movies). You can make snowballs and have some pictorials inside (with charges apply)!

Entrance Fee: Snow World has a separate fee on top of the standard admission rate of Star City. To get an unlimited same day access, you have to pay for Php150 (on top of the Php70 Admission fee). Pictorial is cost Php100 (You can also grab promos online)


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The Festival Of Lights In Ayala Triangle Gardens , Ayala
Whether you just need to find a place to relax after work or you want to bring your family in a place within the metro, the Ayala Triangle Gardens is definitely a perfect spot. The Festival of Lights has become a yearly Christmas attractions in the Metro which transform the garden into a colorful light and sound display! This is not a typical Christmas light display attraction as the lights are actually dancing in three wonderful Christmas medleys! Last year, the Ayala Triangle Garden started off their Light and Sound Show as early as November 15 and ran until January 8th. It is publicly accessible and there is no admission fee involved! The show runs daily for every 30 minute time interval!

Entrance Fee : FREE

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SM Mall of Asia Christmas Display
If you are planning for a Christmas shopping, then you should also take advantage of SM Mall of Asia’s annual Christmas display! The mall will be decorated with many Christmas decorations in almost every corner! Some of thei major halls will be filled with gigantic Christmas displays. The giant Christmas three and other picture-worthy Christmas attractions will instantly grab your attention. You should also not miss their colorful attractions in the Bay area. The Christmas displays were accompanied by wonderful holiday songs and for full holiday experience, make sure to wait for their 5 minute long fireworks display every Fridays and Saturdays at 7 PM. (Check : Christmas Decors at SM Mall of Asia)

Entrance Fee : FREE

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Christmas Village in Crosswinds Swiss Luxury Resort in Tagaytay
If you are aiming for one luxurious staycation that will allow you to experience a pinch of Switzerland, then Crosswinds Swiss Luxury Resort is the right place! Just few hours away from the Metro, you will find this interesting resort and hotel in Tagaytay. The resort has many interesting features including the amazing Swiss Village adorned with Swiss-inspired houses which makes you feel that you are transported in a small Coca-Cola Village diorama. Speaking of which, one of their highlights is the Christmas Village located on top of the hill which includes a Santa House and store that kids will enjoy. This resort will definitely give you a different taste of Tagaytay!

Check Their Rates Here

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Fantasy World In Batangas
Dubbed as the Philippines’ Disneyland, the Fantasy World in Lemery, Batangas is starting to regain its glory after being reopened to public! Who would have thought that this abandoned themepark can become a huge hit again! It could have been the country’s version of Disneyland packed with amazing rides and other attractions but the Japanese owner couldn’t secure enough fund to make this ambitious project possible. You can , however, see those abandoned rides along the Medieval-inspired castle. The property is now being handed over to the homeowners association who are now doing a great job in promoting this old theme park. The place features a huge Instagram-Worthy castle which is actually accessible, a garden, a hanging bridge, abandoned rides (ideal for concept photographers) and more.

Entrance Fee : Php1,000 for 10 Pax

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The Gingerbread House in Alfonso, Cavite
Located in Alfonso, Cavite (just few minutes away from Tagaytay) is another interesting Christmas attraction. The Gingerbread House! As what the title suggests, you will be welcomed with a Gingerbread inspired house adorned with colorful candies, toy soldiers and snow-like decorations. Don’t worry, the house is not owned by a witch but just a product of the owner’s creative imagination. The interior is equally colorful and engaging. They have a bakery shop inside and a cafe which not only allows you to purchase their yummy pastries but also allows you to decorate your own! They got souvenir shops and they also have a spa dedicated for moms and their daugthers. Every corner of this place is absolutely picture-worthy! Don’t miss their huge teddy bear too!

Entrance Fee: Php50 (Kids 2 ft Below are free) – They are open Daily from 8am to 6pm

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Casa Santa Museum in Antipolo
So how does over 4,000 Santa Item collection sounds to you? Located in Antipolo within the Jardin de Miramar premises lies a very unique museum ~ the Casa Santa! It houses over 4,000 Santa and Christmas related items which fills the entire two story building. Much like the one in Alfonso, Cavite, Casa Santa has a Gingerbread-inspired exterior but you will be welcomed by an overwhelming collection that varies in size and shape. There’s a dining area filled with Santa memorabilla (from flatware to utensils). he Casa Santa was converted from a family rest house into a museum of Santa Claus collection in 1995. There’s a distinct collection of vintage snow globes, a collection of Santa images from different countries, the tiniest Santa image and a whole lot more! (Check : Biyaheng Antipolo : Casa Santa Museum)

Entrance Fee : Php180 Per head (minimum of 5 pax) Open Everyday from 8 am to 5pm (for 4 pax below- they are open from 2-4 pm every weekends)

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Christmas Village In Baguio City
Baguio will not just give you that breezy Christmas experience but also allows you to experience the White Christmas! Matched with glowing Christmas trees, gigantic decorations and artificial snow, the Christmas Village in Baguio will truly uplift your Christmas spirit! Last year, they got two themes, one is dedicated for Pokemon (the hype of Pokemon Go game) and a Traditional Christmas village theme! Of course, the Christmas experience was made even more realistic with that 15 degree temperature (or even lower) so expect to see people wearing those thick jackets as if you are in foreign country! Definitely a great Christmas attraction for family which is just few hours away from the Metro!

Entrance Fee : Php100 for Adults, Php50 for Kids and Free for kids 3 years old below

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The Giant Lantern Festival In Pampanga
If you are not fond of Christmas Villages, then you might consider marveling the Pinoy’s creativity by attending the Giant Lantern Festival in Pampanga. The event is held yearly in the city of San Fernando, Pampanga a day prior to Christmas Eve. It is now considered as one of the most popular festivals in the country which help the province to earn the title as the”Christmas Capital of the Philippines”. Each barrio or barangay will present their gigantic Parol (lantern) in front of the town church. The Giant Lantern exhibition will start this coming December 17, 2017!

Entrance Fee : FREE

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  1. jhilmil says:

    What a great list you have compiled, I’m sure many people will love it and get over to these Christmas attractions.

  2. I had no idea there were such “snowy” scenes in the Philippines to celebrate the holiday season. Really cute photos and ideas.

  3. Mike says:

    I really want to come to see the Philippines. Looks like a really vibrant place and a lot of fun! Nice post.

  4. Sreekar says:

    Loved the colours on all your pictures. Especially loved The Festival Of Lights In Ayala Triangle Gardens ,. Seems like a great spot to check out too!

  5. eliza says:

    Oh yes! Christmas season is almost around the corner and these joyful places will definitely be a hit not only for kids but for the entire family. Thanks for the list, this will serve as a guide for me and my nieces.

  6. Indrani says:

    Whoa! mega preparations are on to welcome 2018! Isn’t it a bit too early though. December should be okay. The Disney world fascinates me… I didn’t know Philippines had one.

  7. Vlad says:

    The Snow World looks so DREAMY and amazing! I can’t plan a trip that far this year but it’s definitely on my checklist for the upcoming years!! Loved it! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Prateek Goel says:

    This Christmas is going to be the best one for you! So many lovely attractions. I love this giant lantern festival especially. Thanks for sharing.

  9. What an excellent list. This is going to simplify my next trip over there.

  10. It’s only been three years since I left Metro Manila and moved back to the province. The Fantasy World looks better now. And there are more attractions within NCR and nearby areas. I’m glad to read posts like this because it keeps me posted with new things in the metro.

  11. zehra says:

    wow your blogpost really got me in the mood for Christmas again! Unfortunately here in Australia no one celebrates Christmas like in Manila. I had no idea the Philippines could look so awesome during the holidays.

  12. karen says:

    I never knew there were so many Christmas villages in the Philippines. It makes me miss home to be honest. Thank you for sharing this. I might have to consider spending Christmas in the Philippines some time soon.

  13. theresa says:

    Every place is quite far from us except one which is already here, the Giant Lantern. Btw, there is a fee last time. It is free if you are outside the gate but getting inside and sitting on a chair, you need to pay an amount. I am not sure last year if it’s P150 or around that amount because we got blogger pass before. Our group of bloggers here will be doing a countdown once everything is set.

  14. Renata Green says:

    Wow, this is such an extended list! Some things sound really fun – and it’s so funny that for you guys the ‘white Christmas’ is so extraordinary. But you obviously found good alternatives. Happy holidays!

  15. Irma says:

    Can’t believe that Christmas is actually so close 😮 And I really was not aware that there are so many cool Christmas events in Manila this year. Is this something new or does this happen every year? It is hard to pick which event is the best since they all have something special. Good job Manila!

  16. Johna says:

    I love Christmassss! We actually already put up our Christmas tree hehe. There are so many things to do this season. I also had no idea Fantasy Land was reopened to the public. I remember watching a Vlog about it on Youtube, sounds so interesting. How far from Manila would you think it is?

  17. Your post is indeed helpful. Though I’ve been to a few places youve mentioned, this reminded me to consider visiting them again. Plus, got to learn new attractions to visit. Been wanting to check that Fantasy place in Batangas, too.

  18. OMG! This is such a great compilation of Christmas attractions. Thanks for doing this. I actually shared this to my timeline and invited my friends to visit the attractions that I haven’t visited before yet. As the Festival of Lights at Ayala Garden is the most accessible, I go there every December 🙂 Excited to see the concept they have come up this year.

  19. Stylooo says:

    It’s huge and wonderful list for Christmas celebration. Thank you for sharing it and it indeed helpful for us to make a quick plan.

  20. Kylie says:

    It must be great to go to so many festivals and at such a reasonable price!! Your photos make the season appear even more festive! So many bright colours, and light – no question that it’s Christmas soon!

  21. Maria says:

    That local and antique theme park in Batangas really is enticing. I have seen some posts about it on social media and really does make me want to go there. Since it’s being turned over, could it be possible that it would be maintained and operational? That’s one of my life long wishes for our dear country. To have a theme park close to Disneyland. Don’t get me wrong but I’ve been to Star City and EK already but it’s a different feel if there’s a castle.

  22. I absolutely love Christmas time! The festivities that come along, the attractions that are setup are just amazing!

  23. Swayam says:

    What does ‘ber’ mean? And also I am curious, is 15 degree celsius so cold that you can see the vapours of your breath? Or are you joking?

  24. Angelie says:

    I would love to explore these festive places especially the one in MOA and in Tagaytay since that’s quite near to me. It just sucks a bit though because BER months means more traffic(!!!) as if it’s not traffic enough in Metro Manila already.

    I have experience going to Tagaytay on a holiday and it was the worst!!! A 3km travel to Mahogany market from the condo took as 2hrs!!!

  25. Jajwalya says:

    What a fantastic list of places! It is fascinating that there are so many christmas themed homestays itself! Although I suppose the Christmassy vibes of the Christmas Village in Crosswinds Swiss Luxury Resort in Tagaytay are all year round. It was my favourite in this bunch!

  26. Thank you for this. Looking for places to bring the kids. Love that fantasy world. I wonder lang if they would accommodate us even if we’re not group of 10. Nway, sad lang if the rides are abandoned and all we have to do there is take photos. Ihihi, ny boys aren’t fond of taking photos.

  27. Teresa says:

    My family had been to many of the attractions you’ve mentioned. I hope we can still book this Christmas at Crosswinds Tagaytay. Two years ago, we went to Baguio and we went to their Christmas village. The boys had so much fun. Another festival we want to see is the Giant Lantern festival in Pampanga. I think it would be magical to witness that!

  28. Carola says:

    These Christmas attractions look very impressive and awesome! I love Christmas attractions. In the village where I live, there’s a lot for Christmas as well. it’s very well known for it’s marl cave where a Christmas market is held. The festival of lights look so amazing. Would love to see that one day. Fantasy World In Batangas looks stunning as well. Oh, these tips are awesome. Want to visit it all.

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