10 Houses In Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar That You Should Not Miss

IMG_0116tToday, I am bringing you back to Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar to list down town of the most breathtaking houses that you should definitely never miss when visiting the heritage resort. Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar is basically an open-air museum, a heritage park and a resort that covers the entire 400 hectares of land in Bagac, Bataan. Take note, they are real, functional and accessible! In fact, some of the houses are not just for public viewing or exhibition but also served as vacation houses! Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar is basically a Spanish for “Philippine Houses of Acuzar” and is considered as the very first Heritage Resort by the Sea. Now allow me to list down ten houses/ buildings in Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar that you should see in the resort!
1. Casa Baliuag – The house is originally built in Bulacan in 1898 in front of the Baliuag Church. It features the highly floral motif in fashion at that time. The lower part of the house became known as “luwasan” because it was where people waited for their ride to Manila.
2. Casa Lubao – Casa Lubao is said to be one of the youngest houses in Las Casas. It was built in 1920 and was owned by  Arastia and Vitug families. The house served as  storage for rice and sugar, and became a Japanese garrison during World War II.  Casa Lubao is part of the resort’s heritage tour.
IMG_0200t3. Casa Quiapo – Casa Quiapo built in 1867 and owned by Don Rafael Enriquez, which was given to the University of the Philippines and became the first Fine Arts school from 1908 to 1926. This building is also known as Casa Hidalgo and if I heard it correctly from our tour guide, the house once cater sex shows and abortion services.
IMG_0168t4. Casa Biñan – Casa Biñan, for obvious reason, is a replica of a historically significant house from Laguna. It is also known as the Alberto House and is a replicated version of the house of Teodora Alonzo, the mother of Jose Rizal.  Although a replica, some of the parts of the house like the doors, stairs and planks of woods were taken from the original ancestral house. The building is also known for being the selected location for Heneral Luna’s iconic death scene.IMG_0112t5. Casa Hagonoy -The Casa Hagonoy is one of the first houses that you will be allowed to enter during the heritage tour. It is a wooden house with a very relaxing balcony. All the visitors, much like the rules applied in every casa, are required to take off their shoes, a Filipino tradition which is done as a sign of respect to the house owner.
IMG_0086t6. Casa Ladrillo – Casa Ladrillo is one of the most eye catching houses that you will encounter in the heritage resort. It has this red brick exterior with a design that is seemingly inspired from foreign countries. It was indeed a breathtaking house. It is not part of the heritage tour though but served as one of the resort’s vacation houses.IMG_0137t7. Casa Bulacan – The Casa Bulacan is located just beside the Casa Lubao. Outside, you’ll find sculptures depicting kids playing “Luksong Baka”, a classic Filipino game. It is also not part of the heritage tour but served as one of the resort’s vacation houses.
IMG_0239t8. Casa Byzantina – It is a three-story intricately designed bahay na bato (stone house) from Binondo, Manila. The first story is made of adobe stones and bricks and the two upper stories are of sturdy wood. For five years it was the Instituto de Manila, an elementary and high school that later transferred and became the University of Manila. They now transformed it to an elegant first class hotel and is now considered as the most expensive hotel in the resort.
 9. Hotel De Oriente – Hotel De Oriente is based on the original Hotel de Oriente in Binondo—the first premier hotel in the country and the second building in the Philippines to have a telephone. The replica in Las Casas was built in 2013 and was finished in time for the Bataan leg of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit last year. It has two large halls that can accommodate 1,000 persons and four function rooms named after locales of Old Manila
IMG_0097t10. Santuario De San Jose – A perfect venue for wedding or prenup shoot! It is interesting to note that they are slowly and intricately bringing the iconic replica of Santuario De San Jose back to its former glory!

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