Your African Adventure Awaits

Africa is a vast continent which contains within it a staggering variety and array of beauty, people, animals, scenery, culture, and opportunity. From the life-changing safaris of the Kenyan planes to the diversity and colors of Cape Town, there’s always something to see, do, and experience in this incredible region.

Whether you’re a keen animal lover, desperate to see a gazelle in its native environment, or you’re looking to explore the urban hotspots and newest nightlife, there is something to suit everyone within the glory of Africa. Here are some of the top tips for must-see spots to inspire you on your African safari tours & trips.


Kenya and Tanzania

For safari fans, there are no better places to be. The entire circle of life takes place right before your eyes, from the sparking Lake Naivasha to the ultimate game viewing in Masai Mara. Cheetahs, lions, leopards, elephants, and rhinos reign supreme across the grassy plains, and you can even get up close and personal with chimpanzees at the Sweetwaters Sanctuary, your only chance to see these majestic creatures in the whole of Kenya. Camp out under the stars, and experience a vacation which is truly like nothing else.
DGL_3320_Mokoros_Jacana_4._(c)_Dave_Luck_NHACredit: World Wildlife Fund

Botswana and Namibia

Your chance to truly get back to nature and enjoy the great outdoors, the regions of Botswana and Namibia are isolated, remote, and beautiful. Explore the world’s largest inland delta, Okavango Delta, in Botswana which was once a part of the ancient Lake Makgadikgadi over 10,000 years ago. Wait by the watering hole for the appearance of incredible creatures, including wildebeest, hyenas, crocodiles, hippopotamus, giraffes, and buffalo, to name just a very few.

Experience the Namib Desert up close and in person, and continue your wildlife education in the Etosha National Park. Compare the sandy, desolate dunes of the desert, some of which are over 300m high, with the endless grassy plains of the parks. This is truly a land of contrast, and you will never grow tired of simply looking.

Southern Africa

A region of extraordinary diversity, South Africa has something to tempt every traveler. Visit Cape Town and marvel over Table Mountain while enjoying the delicious wines, before experiencing the majesty of the rolling Savannah, and see how many beautiful animals you can spot along the way. Prepare yourself for the stunning view of the Cape of Good Hope, and take a romantic cruise down the Zambezi River. Looking for adventure? The mighty Victoria Falls are a memorable visit, and a real-life safari allows you to experience wildlife like never before.

Relax in glorious surroundings, and drink in the fact that there is something new to marvel over in every single direction.

No matter your preference, Africa has something to tempt you. From incredible vistas to real-life elephants, stunning views to once-in-a-lifetime experiences, make this the year you’ll have an adventure.

What are you waiting for? Time to see all those stunning travel picture places in the flesh, and start planning your very own African adventure. Check out the best Africa Safari Packages 2018-2019 and start exploring.

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