The Galo River of Nasugbu, Batangas

Whether you are up for some hiking adventure, island hopping, or nature tripping, the province of Batangas is definitely a complete package. The town of Nasugbu alone is a perfect destination for some hiking activities. You can try Mount Talamitam for minor and beginner-friendly climb or better yet try Mount Apayang or Mount Batulao if you are up for a more challenging adventure. There is also a great number of beach resorts in Nasugbu and you can also visit some islands and witness their pristine waters. You can visit the Papaya Island Cove or the Loren Island.


The Layong Bilog (Image from Nasugbu Batangas FB Page

However, if you are looking for some unspoiled swimming spots in Nasugbu, you might as well try visiting the Galo River. It is a long stream in Nasugbu, Batangas that is connected to the Palico river that stretches out to Nasugbu Bay. Probably the most popular portion of the Galo River is the so-called Layong Bilog, a rocky river situated at the foot of Mount Talamitam.


Our Campsite


On our way to Galo River

Last year, we were able to visit a friend in Barangay Banilad in Nasugbu and decided to have an overnight camp. Barangay Banilad is dedicated under the patronage of San Isidro and they were celebrating their feast day when we got there (May 15). The Barangay covers a large portion of the Galo River. As soon as we arrived in Banilad, we set up our camp and spend the night.


We also spotted some cornfields along the way



We went to the Galo River the next morning. The river was not too far from our campsite and it only takes about 30 minutes of walking. Compared to most swimming destinations in Nasugbu, the Galo River is an unspoiled body of water. There are no resorts that handle the place, no commercial buildings, and definitely no crowd of people flocking the area. There is also no entrance or environmental fee. Although we spotted cottages along the river, we were informed that these are privately-owned and most of which can be accessed for free (if not occupied).

Arriving in Galo River


Cottages near the river


Galo River

Unlike Layong Bilog, this portion of the Galo River doesn’t feature any large rock formations. It comes with shallow water ranging from knee-deep to chest-deep high. There are also some rocky areas filled with small boulders and surrounded by large trees.

A small bamboo bridgeDSC_0152t

The other side of the river


Rocky area


Since this is not a commercial area, be mindful that there are no stores nearby, no comfort rooms, and no lifeguards around. Visitors must be extremely cautious and make sure that you are traveling with a company.

Large trees near the river


We spotted some locals doing their laundry in one of the cottages


A rocky trail


Another occupied cottage



It was a great experience visiting the river though. It was peaceful, the water is clean and we even spotted some locals doing their laundry in the river which gives you that amazing province vibes. It seems like a perfect spot for camping too. Visitors can pitch their tent near the riverside and set up a campfire at night.



We also spotted some kids


Absolutely Animal friendly


I mean, all animals are welcome… even this carabao haha


After spending some time swimming in Galo River in Nasugbu, we decided to visit a couple of nearby churches including the Saint Francis Xavier Parish and the San Antonio de Padua Church. We also visited the Caluega Eco Park in Nasugbu and I am going to write them all in separate entries.

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